Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good Works Boredom Buster

When Kita was up this summer she mentioned how some daughters of her friends held Princess Camps and other things during the summer.  This got us thinking and Cora and I sat down with a plan.  She decided to do it as a Value Project for YW and Excellence.  This has to be a 10 hour project that she comes up with.  We looked through  her Personal Progress book and it fit under Good Works.  She came up with a name and we were ready to start.

When all was done she had a little over 16 hours.  First she researched activities that she thought young girls would like to do.  Next she figured about how long each activity would take.  Then she made a supply list and we looked for stuff in our house and went to the store to price things out.  We knew she couldn't charge for the project but were thinking we would just have parents pay for supplies.  As it turned out we had stuff in the house and thought it wouldn't be to bad to cover the rest.

She typed up a list of activities and the dates it was to be held on to give to parents in the ward that she wanted to invite.  Only one person ever got back to us, but she had two girls and brought a friend so it ended up being perfect.  

Cora planned an activity day, where they did obstacle courses and games outside.  Everyone seems to absolutely love this dress up in huge clothes game.  We have played it with every age group of kids and it is always a hit for some reason.  

There was a craft day.  They painted clay pots and had a treasure hunt. And lots more. Last was a princess day.  They made cupcakes and did a fashion show with our dress-up box. 

The cupcakes were delicious. I think the girls had a fun time.  With set up and clean up and the time the girls were there it really added up.

They had a lot of fun icing them as well.

Decorating crowns and wands.

They made place mats.

The girls had one cupcake for the Chocolate Milk Party and then took the other two home in their baskets.

It was a lot of work.  Cora enjoyed every moment of it and really had fun with these three cute little girls.

When she was all done and everything was all cleaned up, Cora was exhausted.  She just wanted to sit down for the first time that day.  Being the super sympathetic mother that I am, I laughed at her.  I told her that is what every mom feels like at the end of the day.  They are tired of picking up toys and listening to the demands of the kids.  That is why bed time is so nice and we get so frustrated when kids don't go to bed.  Who at the end of the day doesn't want to put their feet up and read a book?  Cora's Good Works Boredom Buster was a great success.  Thank you to Kita for the idea.  Thank you to Mandy for driving her kids here every day so Cora could do this project.  Thank you to Macy, Jordyn, and Katie for coming and being so fun.


  1. What a sweet young woman you've got there. Such a cute idea!

  2. The girls absolutely love it!!! they were so excited to show me what they had made each day and have been eating every meal with their place mats. The name is perfect cause I very much enjoyed her good works that allowed me a few hours off this week! I even had a nap! thanks Cora! you did a fantastic job!!!!