Friday, August 23, 2013

Basket Ball Camp

 Cora had basket ball camp at the U of L this week.  It was 9-4, Monday though Friday.  She absolutely loved it.  Her best friend Meagan went also. Which worked great for me since we carpooled.

They decided it was going to be cool to wear their sock pulled all the way up.  It was pretty funny.  They went a couple days like this.

There was a lunch provided every day and they swam the last hour.  The camp is put on by the U of L girls team.  They asked if anyone had been to watch them play and Cora was the only one that had. Only a few had been to watch the boys.  There was 43 girls in the camp.

Every day they played bump twice. Cora got third then second every time.  Except the last day when they gave prizes. She was fighting for the title and it went on so long that they played paper-rock-scissors to determine the winner.  She lost.  The prize was a Pronghorn Jersey.  Cora was so disappointed.

She learned exactly what her strengths and weakness where, and how to use them to her advantage.  She is fast, and can out run most people.  She also has great awareness of all her teammates, and where they are.  Like she can see the big picture of the court while playing. Cora said she didn't have a great shot or dribble really well yet (although dribbling improved this week.  She was feeling better about it).  So what Cora's does is bring the ball down and out runs everyone.  She gets to the basket faster. And gets assists. 

I always wondered why they didn't play her as a guard at school.  I knew she was fast and shorter.  Cora plays a lot like I did.  I hope this year they give her the right position.

I enjoyed watching her interact with the other girls.  Cora has grown into a very strong, confident girl that holds her own.  She has great friends and is not deterred from what she wants.  She knows exactly who she is and what she stands for. Each night she was very exhausted.  One night I told her just to sit.  I did not expect her to help with dishes or anything.  But being the fantastic girl she is, not only did she do dishes, but folded laundry with me, and helped me get organized for canning. I have no idea what I did to deserve to be the one to raise her.  I could go on and on about this but won't.

Cora is excited for the upcoming basketball season.  I can't wait to see what she will do this year.


  1. What a fabulous young woman!! Glad she had a successful basketball camp!

  2. Good for Cora! I was always toooooo scared to do things like that. Nice job