Monday, August 5, 2013

August long

Why does the August long weekend not have a name?  Just August Long or Civic Holiday.  Couldn't anyone think of a cool name, like Last Chance Before School or It's Hot Go Swimming or Less then Half-way to Christmas.  OK maybe that is why nobody named it:)  Anyways we spent this day quietly at home.  Leah's closet was in desperate need of a clean.  This is MOST of her clothes.  In the end we took a black garbage sac full to charity and a white sac to the garbage.  Seriously, it was crazy.  Oh and another sac full or clothes that are too big.  Why would you keep a closet full of 3 sizes of clothes. Well I have a in-my-dreams-someday-I-will-get-into box in the basement, but I am not 11.  In my box the pants are not really short because I have grown out of them.  We got it done though.

Dave took Blake back out to the farm again.  They did not stay long.  Dave is getting a little frustrated.  He has gone out twice to doing cutting and the weather is not cooperating.  Soon it could be to late. The girls and I cleaned, ran, and did church stuff.  Then I made this amazing cake.  A couple days ago I pinned from a friend this caramel cake with caramel icing.  If you are a caramel lover this is a must try.  It is still on my Pinterst  Dessert and Drink board, so go repin it and make it.  It takes a little extra time, but soooo worth.  Even Dave said it was good after asking me a number of times why I couldn't just make chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing. Usually I can't make cake from scratch.  I don't know why I can make pie or bread or anything else but not cake from scratch:(  But this turned out.  Light and fluffy and very good.  Now go make it. And enjoy.

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  1. Char, I like your names for the August long weekend!! But it does have a name!!! In Alberta it's called Heritage Day, in BC it's called British Columbia Day, Saskatchewan it's called Saskatchewan Day and I think in Nova Scotia it's called Nova Scotia Day!!!! Your names however are so much better and much more practical!! I like them--Amber