Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dad's Make the Best Heros!!!

Every boy needs a hero.  
And what better person to look up to then your own dad.  Blake likes to dress like Dave and to go anywhere with him.  This morning I asked if he was sure he wanted to go to the farm since it was supposed to rain all day.  I asked him what he was going to do.  He said he was going to work.  I reminded him again that it would be wet.  He said, "Mom, Dad works doesn't he?  Even in the rain.  So I can too.  I'm going to work with him."  He loves the farm and being out there.  I do think most of the Blake's day is spent on the 4-wheeler not working:), But he loves the idea of doing what his Dad does.

And really I wouldn't have it any other way.  He does have the coolest Dad in the world.!!!  

I know that Dave loves it just as much as Blake.  He is always asking who is coming with him that day.  And trying to figure out chores that they can do together.  Even little mundane tasks.  I know sometimes it slows Dave down but these kids are learning such valuable lessons that it is worth it .  I am so glad to be married to someone that understand and appreciates that.  Like Dave always says, "We are raising kids not (choose the one that fits the moment) mowing lawn/paining fences/building walls/etc" I could not agree more.  We may have streaks in out lawn.  The dishes may have taken 20 minutes longer.  We may have paint on the sidewalk that Dave had to fix:).  But we are trying to teach our kids to work and love doing it.  To love being together and wanting to spend an eternity with each other.  Some days are better than others, but I pray every day that we can make it.  That we are instilling strong testimonies in these little spirits entrusted to us.  It is a scary task.  A HUGE responsibility, but we keep trying and plugging along.  
Sorry that took an unexpected sappy turn.

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