Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camping in Radium

It was another wonderful camping trip to Radium.  This year Grandma Puzey and the Atwood's came along with us.  Which worked out awesome.  Blake had some one to play with and the girls played together.  No one was left out.  Our trip started very early. There had been a big lightning storm the night before we left.  Usually my kids sleep through everything.  This one was so close that it woke them all up several times, I kept checking on them and at 5 am it was so close we thought is was hitting our trees.  By this time everyone was in our room and wide awake.  We had planned to got to church in the Pass but had so much time we made it to Sparwood then stopped for church.  We were honestly shocked to see that our trees had not been hit during the night.  We made it to Radium with out incident and set up camp.

It rained the first night.  I was a little worried, checking the forecast it was supposed to be gloomy most of the week.  But it ended up being perfect.  Sunny and wonderful with cool nights. We hit the beach everyday but Wednesday. I had to ask the kids lots to build me a sand castle.  I finally built one myself.  The last day they finally did some and had lots of fun doing it.

The kids all got swimmers itch this year.  Dave got it by far the worse, his were even pussing a little.

Blake's birthday was Monday.  He loved his bow and arrows.  Ashton had brought his along and they did a little target shooting together.

We always do ice cream at Screamer and go out to eat once while we are there.  Ice cream was good as always.  How can you go wrong with ice cream:)  We went to a place called Outback Jacks, I think that was the name.  It had really neat rustic atmosphere and great food.  One night Jason made us pork ribs and potatoes and corn.  It was fabulous.  Wednesday we explored the town a bit and got the kids some souvenirs, then did the Hot Spring.  Thursday was a demo of glass blowing at Bavin Glass works. This is always fun and the kids were older so they didn't get restless.  

Grandma Puzey rode home with us.  The Atwoods had mentioned that they were going to the Frank Slide Interpretive Center.  We like to stop and do something on the way home to break up the trip and decided to copy them and do that this year.  It was neat but sad.  90 seconds is all it took and when they listed the people that died it was so and so with wife and 4 kids.  So many without names.  Nobody knows who they were.  That is sad to me.  We arrived home around 7:30, unloaded and started my days worth of laundry.  Radium is the perfect campground.  Sadly I have heard they are slowly phasing out the tent sites.  We will have to make it as much as possible before they do. There was lots of beach, campfires, roasting marshmallows, being together, and enjoying one another company.  Lots of memories made.

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  1. Great blog - we had such a great time with you guys!