Saturday, August 31, 2013


Cora is starting Grad 9 this year.  She is 13 now.  6 weeks until her birthday.  She is a bit over 5' 2" and is 107 lbs.  She asked me why in the world would her grand children want to know how much she weighs.  Cora is a peacemaker.  Very often she will give up what she wants to have peace in our home with her siblings.  If we are coming back late at night from somewhere, Cora can't sleep in cars, and while the other two sleep, Dave and I talk, while Cora will quietly sing songs in the back seat.  She also can quote any movie ever seen.  Sometimes Cora and Leah have full conversations this way.  She is very helpful.  Cora will see that something needs to be done, laundry, dishes, etc and will do it with out being asked.
Cora is a giver.  And good at it.  She will start thinking months in advance for upcoming birthdays of her friends and  what to get them.  It is always perfect too.  It is a talent for sure. She is confident.  Cora can not be side track from what her goals are.  She would love to be a famous gymnast, loves to play basketball.  She loves climbing trees and being on the farm.  She is the most excited of all to move out there.  Cora is extremely loyal.  Even if a friend has treated her bad she will stick it out for a long time. (Yes mom I know where she got that:))  She is the oldest and as such does a little to much parenting with her siblings.  We have  to remind her often that we are the parents and we will take care of it.  She will stick up for and defend her sibling to death.  

Cora has a great personality and we often tease each other back and forth.  She does not get offended easy.  I think for this age she really understand things around her.  She appreciates boys but has no interest in them. She understand that they are show offy and full of hormones at this age.  She is not willing to settle.  I really look forward to seeing who her lucky husband will be.  Cora is not really a kids person.  She would way rather be outside working along side dad then stuck in the house with kids. She has a few families that she loves to babysit.  Cora is brave and strong.  She has always been great with elderly people.  Even as a young child she would like to talk to all the people in the seniors center when we would visit Grandma Minty. Had one friend there that they would draw pictures for each other.  One day we went in and found out he has passed away.  She was devastated.  She loves to read and loves Egyptian Mythology.  She tries very hard in school. Cora has some learning difficulties that she has figures out how to work past, but she has to work harder than most people.  But even at this age she understand how important school is. She was on the honor roll most of last school year, and accomplish her goal of principals honor roll, where she had to have an average above 85. She seems mature for her age, has a great head on her shoulders, but loves to play with dolls and little kids toys also. Like I said before I am not sure how I lucked out to be chosen to be her mom, but so grateful that I was.  I really look forward to what she is going to do and accomplish in this lifetime.

This has been fun for me.  The kids all have such unique personalities.  We have struggles and joys with each one, like any parent.  Sometimes you look back and think oh good that worked, or well that was certainly the wrong approach.  I am learning right along with them and probably mess up a lot.  But I love them all to death and am grateful for every one and every different thing about them.  I hope I remember to do this again before school next year.


  1. Love the second picture of Cora! What a great young woman!

  2. Your amazing in every way Cora!! I wish I could be more like you!! :)

  3. We sure love and appreciate this girl in YW's. Always willing to participate and always has a smile and a good attitude:)