Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week in Hill Spring

I will try to condense this.  But we had so much fun and did so much.  This is only a small amount of my pictures.  We headed out Wednesday right after Cora's last exam.  The kids missed the last day and a half of school.  Taylor got there the night before us and Kita arrived the Saturday before.  We headed through Cardston for dental appointments first.  It was really relaxing this year.  Everyone got along the entire week.  Mom simplified our meals.  Wednesday we just hung out.  The teens did baptism and the cubs went to cubs. Thursday there was some projects for the kids.  Then that evening was the teenager night out.  They went to Five Guys and Monsters University.  Friday was the adult night out.  The teens babysat and we went to Boston Pizza in Pincher. Dave meet us for dinner there. Saturday morning everyone that could went back in to do baptism, then we all headed to Waterton.  Sunday we had family pictures and church.  It was beginning to heat up.:)  Monday was the 1st.  We had the parade, program, and beef picnic as always.  Next we headed back to my parents to hang out and try to keep cool.  Some kids went bridge jumping, some ran through the sprinkler.  It was then time to head home.  I am already looking forward to next year)

The kids (mostly Justin) sanded in preparation for painting.  We never actually got to the painting part.

I love working in the kitchen with my siblings.  This is how prep and clean-up goes for every single meal.  Everybody working together.  We went through at least 12 watermelon.  I am not sure of the actual count.

Blake and Colton having fun with Ben.

These boys sure had fun together.  They seemed to stick pretty close.  Cute little faces.

Staying cool.

I have the greatest brothers ever.

The Waterton spill way flood.

Red Rock Canyon was so pretty.  I had not been there for a long time. Blake got very wet and enjoyed every minute of it.  Nicole brought homemade and very yummy granola bars, orange slices, water, apple sauce, and banana bread for a snack. We then decided rather then getting expensive ice cream at Big Scoop we got awesome ice cream at Pioneer Parlour in Glenwood.  It was our second trip.  It is a tradition not to be missed.  Way cheaper and just as delish.

Trying to get my perfect shot of chief mountain.  We had quite the ride home.  Natalie pulled over to fill a bottle, me for pictures, Kita because she wanted a turn.  Every time someone pulled over the rest would follow to see if they were OK. See we look out for each other:)

Mom wanted all the Smith Future Missionaries in their Sunday best.  I think it is a cool picture.  Great idea.

AWESOME cake made by Kita.  The pork we had was seriously the best ever.

The Smith clan minus Steve and Mike.

The boys played in the canola for a while.

I love this big group of teens that we have.  They enjoy being together and do fun things. Here they are playing football with Cannon and Taylor. And of course eating Popsicles.  This year I made two boxes full.

Cleaning up.  It gets pretty sticky out there with the kids eating.  

We got a tiny bit of rain one night and an amazing rainbow after.

Another successful reunion.  It would take forever to list everything we did.  But we actually got a lot of relaxing chats together. This year I think was the best yet.  All the way home my girls talked about the fun things that they had done, and conversations they had with their cousins.  I love that they love being together.


  1. What a great week! Glad you had a good time with your family. Love the picture of all the future missionaries!!