Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Here is take two.  Well three actually.  Friday night Dave came home from work and told me that they had found water.  It is not really great, but comparable to the area, treatable, and has really good flow.  So we begin.

Monday for FHE we invited Myrna to be with us and had our first meal in our kitchen.  Dave said Leah was actually eating half on the patio:) We then had opening song and prayer.  We read D&C 88:119 and discussed how we could establish a house of prayer etc.  Then we broke ground.

Wow!!  Look how tall my girls are.  They have both passed me in height now.  Not that it is hard.

We then stayed over (to Myrna's surprise.  Apparently Dave had not asked her that before hand) to bail the next day.  Jared had taken off Monday and Dave took off Tuesday for us to get it done.  Unfortunately Monday was to wet for Amber and Jared to do anything until evening.  But they started a little and it was still dry the next morning for Dave and I to start.  I got this awesome 1950ish Massey-Ferguson to drive around.  I actually really enjoyed it.  

I had a hawk that stayed with me until about 3.  Circling, diving and sometimes just sitting.  Surprisingly there were no mosquitoes.  But a few rabbits as well. I got burnt to a crisp.  Except for worrying that my kids were driving Myrna crazy it was a perfect day.  I like to think my kids are independent and polite but I don't know what they do when I am not around. About 2 this morning I woke up VERY stiff.  All that bouncing around had taken its toll.  Dave broke down for about an hour and there was not much I could do to help him.  He did not want me to get too far ahead of him so I took a break in the shade.

Grandma Southam:
Natalie wanted you to see how she has used the couches that she got from you.  She asked if I would put it up here so you would be able to see.  I guess that means you read my blog.  I hope I don't bore you to tears.  I think it looks great and love what she has done.


  1. Loved your groundbreaking ceremony! Can't believe both your girls are taller than you now. I think I'll be awhile before the boys pass me!

  2. What an awesome idea!!! I am so excited for your family!

  3. It was sooooo bumpy wasn't it!! It's too bad that storm moved in this afternoon or it would be finished :( Jared only has 12 more swaths to bale!

    I liked your groundbreaking family home evening!! Now it's really starting to feel real!! Enjoy the process, it is fun despite all the stress!!

  4. I love your shade spot! Genious

  5. I love your shade spot! Genious