Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catch Up

The last day that my kids went to school they took this little teacher's gift.  Inside is a Moutain Dew, Popcorn, and Starbursts.  Then we wrote, Thanks for all you Dew, you made me feel like a Star.  It was kinda last minute, I was not going to do gifts this year but gave in in the end.

The last day that they went was Canada Spirit Day.  Leah had a ton of fun getting her costume together.

Last night we took Leah and Blake to Shakespeare in the Park. We popped some popcorn and took along some water.  We had a few errand to run and didn't tell the kids we were going until we got there.

It was really fun.  Before hand they gave us a program and paper that had different words that Shakespeare had used and what they meant.  Blake was reading through this and every time they used one he would excitedly turn back and tell us what it meant.  It started to sprinkle half way through the play.  Then is completely down poured.  It first they where going to try to move it under the gazebo but is was coming down so hard, fast and sideways that everything was wet.  Leah and Blake wanted their picture taken with some of the cast. They did a really great job.

We are going to have to go back again so we can see how it ends.  And then Cora will be able to come also.  We pick her up from YW camp today.  Can't wait to see her again.

We had some books to return after and there was a great puddle at the library.  Dave drove through this several times much to the delight our children.  After we went for hot chocolate at Tim Horton's because we were a little chilly.

Kita, here is my truly ugly chair I was telling you about.  It is old, and because of all the yarn does not even fold correctly.  Which makes it difficult to carry.  But is really the comfiest camp chair ever.  So we put up with the rest.  We also have a brown and cream one. Lucky us:)

While we were in Hill Spring, my mom gave Leah this china doll.  It was given to her by a special lady as a thank you and mom knew Leah would love it and treat it well.  She has named it Lene (like Renee).  Leah had also informed me that Lene does not know English yet so Salia is acting as her interpreter.  They are great friends.  Speaking of which, Mom I hope you remembered to put Ben and his number on the table cloth before you put it away and I kinda think you need to add Salia.:)


  1. What play are they doing? It's been years since I've gone to a Shakespeare in the Park up here. Love Leah's new doll - so pretty!!

  2. That chair is actually beautiful! I love it. Don't ever throw it away