Friday, July 26, 2013


I am just a little sad.  Leah has been growing her hair out to donate again.  She wanted me to do the braids again before we went camping.  When I do them in her hair they take 4 1/2 hours.  Not the most pleasant of pass times.  Plus the 2 hours to get them out.  We measured her hair and decided that it was long enough to donate now and that I would then be able to braid it.  So in we went.  We explained what we wanted and said just cut it straight across the bottom after.  A little while later out come Leah with very short hair.  It is just below her chin.:( My battery died so you don't get a picture.  Leah says she likes it.  That she is OK.  But every once in a while she will say, 'mom do you think dad will like it?' then later 'do you think grandma will like it?'  She loves it in tiny little pigtails.  What happened was the girl cutting it said that she took a bit more to make sure.  She cut off 13 inches.  Leah only needed 10.  And then she cut it in a V.  Which we really don't like so I had to fix it when I got home.  It could have been longer.  AND now it is so short I can't braid to for camping.  Sad.  Sad!!  Plus Cora has been talking about cutting her hair for awhile.  She wants it short like Emma Watson's hair or Ginnifer Goodwin.  I will let my kids do what they want except color it.  But I will so miss the hair.  I know superficial and shallow, but there you have it.  I will just keep telling myself it is better than a piercings or a tattoo.


  1. Oh that is sad! I love her long hair. I bet it looks really cute on her though. Can't wait to see her new do tomorrow.

  2. Well, I thought that you had left the blogging world but Cora told me you were still blogging. Glad I found you again. I just have to say I love Cora's hair cut. It is so stinkin cute on her. Seriously, she looks amazing:) Glad you found water and have started your house. So exciting.