Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Pictures

I have some pictures that don't really go anywhere, but that I love and want to always remember.
These are beautiful dresses that I wore in grade 9.  Can you believe the good taste I had.  The one Leah is holding is my Grad dress.  She thought is was so ugly that she refused to even put it on.  Cora was a better sport.  To bad my kids don't get a Grade 9 Grad here.

Getting ready for the family picture.  I always love the behind-the-scenes of organized pictures.

Beautiful Brynn.

I love that Blake is only 7 and can mow the lawn by himself.  When he started a couple of years ago (he was almost 5 when we had him first out mowing) he was not strong enough to push it up our tiny slop, and it was difficult to get the lines straight.  But hard work has paid off and we don't help him at all now.  All the kids get out and take a turn.

Cora has been practicing the guitar lately.  She is loving it.

I am not sure why but Blake has developed a very keen interest in Dave's guns.  He constantly asks about them and always wants to look at them.  Dave has told him the next time he is at the farm with some down time :)he will let him shot them.  Now Blake asks every day it today is that day.

Swim suit cover-ups I made for the girls.  I only saw a picture and had to figure out how to make them.  I think they turned out super cute, except they look like pajamas to me.  Leah loves hers.

Blake got a little painted when we did the fence.  But he stuck right with us.  They all did.  Worked hard and got about half done before we ran out of paint.  Very proud of their hard work.

Spectacular dive by Leah.  They are in swim lesson right now and doing awesome.

It took me two days before I was convinced I had not put Leah and Blake in the wrong class.  Both their teachers say they are doing awesome.  Really strong swimmers.  And they have passes their levels.  But look at the two classes.  It looks like Leah should be in Blake's and vice-a-versa.  All Blake's class are going into Grade 5 and Leah's are going in to Grade 3.  Not sure how that worked out weird this year.

And that is my random pictures.


  1. That's hilarious! Love the picture of Blake with all the tall girls in his swim class. Cute cover ups too!

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