Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Our school doesn't usually do track and field.  I have always been a little sad about that.  This year they did a decathlon.  A few track events, a few field events and a few fun events like obstacle course and balloon toss etc.  I was a fun filled day.  And like any good track and field day we all got a little burnt.  I was in charge of the obstacle course.  Since I stayed there all day I did not get many pictures.  Cora came and helped after her exam and got a few for me.  The kids had a great time and came home with some ribbons.

Cora and I had a great time putting all the equipment from our event away.:)  Try as we might we could not roll the hoola hoops and jump throw it while it was moving.  We did manage to roll them across the gym floor.  We put them away when a teacher came in.  We felt like we had got caught.

Showing off the ribbons!!!

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  1. That looks like fun! No sports day for our kids this year - they are disappointed. Is today your last day?