Saturday, July 20, 2013

Go. Go. Go.

We had quite the crazy weekend.  It is funny how things seem to be calm then suddenly everything happens at once.  Ours started Friday.  After almost two wonderful weeks off I had to work a full shift.  I needed to get groceries after so I could buy treat for the Primary activity the next day.  So at 6 Dave and I went in to get some things.  I felt terrible about leaving the kids after being gone all day.  In the morning we had gone into town to set up an account and start ordering wood for the house.  They didn't want to come.  Then after work they didn't want to come either.  I guess I wasn't fun to hang out with that day.:)  We got our groceries and a little treat that we brought home for them, then it was bed time.  The next morning Dave was up early to get some things done around the house.  We had breakfast and quickly got ready.  Then Dave went back to Logic Lumber to pick up some things.  I ran into town also to get more paint and buy a present for an up- coming birthday party Leah is invited to.  I had to get back to the house by 10:30 to go to a baptism.  At 10:15 Dave called and said he was not going to make it back in time with Blake so I needed to come get him.  I totally thought it was 9:15 and had lots of time. I don't know what my problem was. Then some one had turned my phone to vibrate so I didn't hear the phone when Dave told me he was headed to UFA.  I got to Logic then got his call so back to UFA.  Blake and I rushed into the house did a 60 second change and off to the baptism in Fort McLeod.  We were 10 mins late and they were waiting for us.  I felt so bad.  It is sooo rude to be late.  I hate it.  After the baptism we ate a quick lunch at home then grabbed the freezies for the activity.  Apparently they take a couple of day to freeze.  I had no idea.  I have never bought them before.  So we picked up Leah's friend, then made a mad dash to Safeway to get some Popsicles, then up to Nobleford to the Spray Park.  Best activity ever.  We asked the parents to stay since there is a road close by and it was summer so not tons were there.  We had a great time and the kids entertained themselves then we gave them treats.  Simple. Perfect.  Back home to change and into town again to finish what we started the first time.  We hit the library and got the present then home again to start our daily chores.  It is no fun starting laundry at 6 at night.  Quick dinner. Dave had planned to go to the farm as usual, but as it got later and later he ended up just staying.  He has been putting in cement blocks all day, still at it.  We have made a list of things that need to be done around here to make the house more appealing.  That is our greatest fear that when it come time to sell, no one will want our little house. Then we would be in big trouble.  It was nice to have him around as I bopped in and out.  I said to Dave I felt like I should have just feed money right into the gas tank today.  He took the truck into town and every time that thing go into town it cost $50.  Not a cheap truck at all.  Plus all my running around. I think this is how things are going for the next couple of weeks.  Oh well it is beautiful out and I should enjoy it while I can,  the roads where good and I had great conversations with my kids as we were in the car all day.  I learn a lot taking my kids with me and letting them talk. It's wonderful.


  1. Never have figured out how those days seem to sneak up on a person. You plan and, prepare for them not to, and loan behold. BAM! I just wanted to say HI have been so busy that I haven't done much with the computer lately. I get on my kindle but I cant comment on it so I just do the basics, and feed my pinterest addiction. If I assume right you are building a house? Congrats. Your kiddos are getting so big. I love the swim suit cover ups that's genius. Once again looks like you all had a wonderful family get together. Oh and tell Natalie Love the couch. I