Sunday, June 2, 2013

I like

I like the new hair do that I found for my girls.  I call it the basketball do, because I think it would be perfect.  Out of their face but still cute.  I really wish I could french braid my own hair.
I like that almost everything I cook the whole family likes.  I don't have to leave bread and butter on the table for those that don't like what I made anymore and I can try lots of new recipes, which I couldn't just a couple years ago.
I like that my girls love 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Pride and Prejudice' and many other, and we watch them together.
I like that one spot of sun that comes through really bright on a rainy day.
 I like that my kids love to play basketball and do puzzles together.  They love to draw and play board games.  It is not all about the video games and movies.
I like that Leah loves the radio.  Every day she turns it on.  And it stays on until she leaves.  I never listen to the radio.  Dave says that she talks about Jared and Kathy from the River like they are good friends of hers. And she can quote you any commercial.
I like the little morsels of coconut and mint goodness that Myrna sent home with Dave.  Although I view them as a direct sabotage on my week:)
I like it when Dave is home to cook breakfast in the morning.  I love bacon but hate to cook it.  I broiled the hash browns in the oven with some butter and they turned out crispier then ever before.  I will never look back.
I like it when my kids play with my hair. I could sit there for hours. They have realized this and will start to play with my hair and talk to me around bedtime so they don't have to go to bed. Just like Saturday morning chore when I was growing up😉
I like being with my kids and husband.  Can't wait for the week my sister and brother come up so we can all spend some time together.  I love that week.


  1. Love the hairdo!! Gotta teach me and my mom when you come out this summer!!!

  2. Loving the hairdo! Genius