Thursday, May 30, 2013

I got Nothing...

Our live has been pretty routine and mundane lately.  I have nothing to report really, but see it has been a while since I posted.  Dave has explored many options for drilling our well.  As soon as it dries we will start that again.  Calving is almost done, just a few more to go.  School is starting to wrap up.  I got final schedules for the last week yesterday.  The girls have had some fun church activities.  Etiquette nights for both then a dinner for moms and daughters the next week.  That was fun to do with my girls. Also a stake mother/daughter activity for Leah.  She really enjoyed that one.  Even gave up a special invite to audition for Les Mis with the Lethbridge Symphony.  I was not too keen with her decision, she will probably never get that opportunity again, but glad that she knows where she is supposed to be.  I think I struggled more with that than she did.  What does that say about me:)?  We are finally getting tons of rain.  Blake still insists on riding his bike every day.  I told him he had to take a change of clothes today it was coming down so hard.  He finally decided to drive with the rest of us, but complained the whole way.  Soccer is almost done and I still have not remember to take the camera.  He is doing well and really enjoys it.  Told me the other day he likes soccer more than basketball and hoped that didn't make me mad.  I assured him it was OK since basketball is over before soccer starts so he can do both.  See how nice I am.:) That really is all I can think of.  Like I said routine and mundane.  That is life at the Puzey house.

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