Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

A Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers I know.  Thanks to my dad for being so awesome and teaching me the way he did growing up. For always looking out for me. And for the continued love and support and guidance he gives me.  To my amazing husband.  The best dad I could have asked for to help me raise our children. The love and unity I feel with him.  The laughter and joy we have together. To a wonderful father-in-law that instantly opened his heart to me and would tease me unending.  That was kind and generous and concerned about every one around him. We miss you every day.  To all my fantastic brothers and brother-in-laws.  It is so great to know that we are all headed in the same direction and that no matter what my kids have cousins that are trying to stay on the same path that they are.  I enjoy being with every one of you and think I really have the best family in the world.  Feeling very blessed and lucky today.  May you all have a really spectacular day.  I love you all.

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