Monday, June 10, 2013

The fun never ends:)

Saturday started early for us.  Dave wanted to be out at the farm by 7.  He and Jared had a few more things to finish before we could move cows that afternoon. I needed to pick up Rachel by 7:20 to make it to Ladiesfest on time.  So we got the kids up, they had had a sleepover the night before in the basement.  Ate, and did a few quick cleaning things before every one dispersed for the day.  My run went good.  Rachel and I kept pace together pretty much.  She did so awesome for it being a first run.  I still didn't get mine under and hour.  I was 1:04.  I will have to try harder next year.  Blake and Cora had wanted to come and cheer me on.  It was fun to have them at the finish line.  We then came home and showered. Switched laundry and headed to a work BBQ of Dave's.  They had a big Astro jump and a petting zoo.  A fish pond for all the kids and a playground.  It was really fun.  After we jumped in the same car and headed to the farm to move cows. Blake and Cora stayed with us and helped.  All Blake really wanted to do was whack a cow.  We got him a long stick so he could stay back a little bit.  Leah played with Emry.  She also got one VERY nasty diaper that she had to change. Cora was going to mow grandma's lawn but I couldn't get the mower to keep running.   The cow moving went fairly smooth and when we were done Dave got the mower working.  As we took the last load of cows down, Cora made us dinner, then they went out to finish the mowing.  By this time it had started to rain.  We were cold and wet.  Because the lawn was so long and lush it kept plugging up the mower. Dave opened the back where the bag is supposed to be and let it blow straight out. Cora was a little green to say the least:)  We got home late, but because of the rain, lawn, and cows everyone still needed to shower before climbing in their clean sheets.  It was a very late night for us (Sunday morning came very early) but the kids loved every minute of it.  It was a very fun filled day and we packed a lot in.

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  1. What a busy day - you got a lot accomplished! Good job on your run!!