Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cora's Last Day

Cora's last day of official school was yesterday.  She has one exam everyday until next Wednesday.  So she brought home all her school stuff.  She went through her binders to see what she would need to keep to study and then if she didn't need something she threw it on the floor to pick up later.  This led to great fun.
Started out as raining paper.

That was quite a hit and went on for a while.

Then paper fights.

Even clean up she made a game.  Cora got a basket and they would shoot the paper in or make an airplane and try to fly it in.  They all had a blast.  She is really nervous about her exams.  Today is L.A.  Then next week is Science, Social, and Math.  Cora has really brought her grades up this year and wants to keep them there.  On the practice test for Math she got 91% and is hoping to keep that for the actually exam.  Dave gave her a blessing and she has been studying hard.  I have to keep telling her that part of doing good is rest also.  She can't stay up all night. I am very confidant that it will all go well.  I am glad that she cares and is trying so hard.

I can't believe the rain and lightning storms we have been having. Usually if Dave is home they don't bother me, because I think they are so pretty.  I wouldn't know what to do if the basement flooded or our tree was hit by lightning.  But if Dave is home I know he can take care of it.  Last night was different.  Even with him there I was quite nervous.  Especially when he decided to get on a ladder in the middle of the storm and clean out the eaves troughs.  Not good timing if you ask me:)  All was well this morning.  It was very hard to sleep through, we are all a little tired this morning. And the only flowers I did manage to have this year are destroyed.


  1. Oh my word! Dave went on a ladder in the middle of a storm!! Yikes! Ashton was pretty nervous last night at bedtime, but everyone managed to sleep well. Looks like we're in for the same type of weather all weekend.

  2. Great idea!! I'm going to do a paper storm on my last day which is tuesday!!