Monday, June 24, 2013

Siding the House

As many of us that were able got together this last weekend to side Myrna's house.  There were two sides that needed to be done.  On the way out we got a few pictures of the flood.  None of the pictures really do it justice and we did not get anything even close to what other cities did.  The damage here is crazy.  As I have said to a few people it really is amazing how fast something can happen and stores can be depleted.  Made me really look at my food storage and 72 hour kit.  It seems we have had a few practices with fire and floods the last couple of years.  But I digress:)

We started by stripping the old stuff.
The blue wood was a really fun job.  K not at all.
Then we started putting the new siding back on.

I asked Cora to get a few pictures for me at the end of the day.  Most of them were of Gibson, not the siding.  We all know where her heart really is.
It was a fun get together.  I had been praying for good weather and it was perfect.  Sunny, even a little to hot.  In the afternoon we got a bit of wind and some cloud coverage.  We all pitched in and helped bring part of the meals we had.  Blake stayed with us until about noon.  When he found out that we were going to put back on what we had just taken off he was a little deflated.  He thought the job was done.  He then proceeded to ride the quad with Emry the rest of the day.  Cora stayed with us until almost the end.  She then felt bad for Leah who was watching the 4 boys under 5 the whole day.  And went to help so she was not by herself anymore.  After that day and the diapers that Leah changed I promised her that I would never volunteer her to babysit again.:)

On the way home Dave took us another route to see more of the flood.  Here the kids are pretending to dive in.  They had lots of fun skipping rocks and throwing them in.  I have never seen ripples move down stream like that.  It was so fast then did not spread out just moved. There is a bridge under all that water.

It was a great day.  We got lots accomplished.  It was nice to get together and have my kids spend time with their aunts and uncles, grandma and cousins.  We missed the ones that could not make it because of weather.  But is was a beautiful day none the less.


  1. Looks like a great job on mom's house - I know how much she appreciated it! Missed you all!

  2. I never thought installation of siding can be this fun. Most of the time, natural disasters like this bring massive destruction and depression to an area. But looking at all your pictures, it becomes a way for a fun reunion rather than a stressful restoration, which I think is great. At least your parents have somehow forgotten the damage this storm has caused them.

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

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