Thursday, October 11, 2012

Caught Doing Good

When I saw this idea on Pinterest I thought it would be a good way to focus on the good things my kids do rather than the disappointing.  Nothing make me mad faster then a messy house or when I have to ask more than one time to have some one do something.  I keep telling my kids if they could just do those two things they would rarely be in trouble.  I was starting to feel very nagging and not a nice mom.  So we made this jar.  When they do something good they get to put a cotton ball in.  The reward when it is full with be swimming, movie, or ice cream.  It was very slowly filling up.  Now almost 2 weeks later they seem to have caught the vision.  It also has really help that I try to sit and talk with them first, ask about their day, then ask if we could get a few things put away.  Now they are doing chores on their own.  Tuesday I had to run to town, was trying to finish Blake's p.j.'s, and take Leah to Achievement Days.  They all got in and hand washed dishes with out me asking and swept the floor.  When I got back from the church Cora and Blake has switched laundry, folded and put it all away.  Our jar is now filling up fast and I feel our home has been more peaceful.  I needed to change just as much as them ,and we still have frustrating day, but I feel it is going better so far.

The kids went out to rake the leaves for us the other day.  They made a bunch of piles many times but not one leaf got bagged.:) They sure had fun.  Cora must have set the timer on the camera because there was a lot of pictures she had taken.

And....I had to give in and pull out the winter coats this morning.  :(

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  1. Love the caught being good jar - such a great idea! Great pictures of the kids on the trampoline.