Friday, October 12, 2012

Note to Teacher

As I have mentioned before, in Cora's class this year band has been made mandatory.  I am getting a little tried of that word from the demanding notes her band teacher sends home.  We are actually glad that she is in band and I think she will enjoy it.  I think that it is fun that Cora is going to play the trumpet.  However, her teacher is starting to really irritate me.  This is the note I would have like to send back to school today, but I didn't.

Dear Mrs. Band Teacher
In your latest note you have told (not asked) all the students to have their instruments at the school by the 15th of October.  I just wanted you to know that Cora's will not be there.  As she does not need it until the 17th I do not feel comfortable leaving it at the school where it can get stolen or damaged.  If you would like to pay for a replacement trumpet for her if anything does happen then I would be happy to jump to your demands and keep it at the school.  She is able to attend the band clinic on the 17th from 2:15 - 4:15.  Again not that you asked.  I do think this will be beneficial to her and we are so glad that she did not have a previous commitment outside of school on her own time that you demanded she forgo. Thank you for being aware that student may have commitments outside of school. Also that was a nice touch telling the kids that if they did not attend they would never be able to properly play their instruments and wouldn't be very good at band.  Lastly if you could stop thanking me for the support of the band program this year.  Seriously not one of us had a choice.  Thank you for supporting me as a parent with the decisions that I have made about my child and the possessions that I personally own.
Charmaine Puzey


  1. Well as a teacher, I think you should send the note Char. You wrote it very well and expressed yourself very professionally. Sounds like this band teacher needs to realize how he or she is coming across to the studnets and the parents. I support you sending that note back.
    Love, Aunt Sheila