Monday, March 19, 2012

We Made It!!!

This last weekend started out Friday when we went out to dinner with the old bishopric and wives.  We went to a Japanese restaurant and tried lots of new food. It was a great time.  Saturday I quickly raced through my neglected house work and packed to go to Champion for Ashton's baptism.  It was a very nice baptism and I am so glad that Blake has cousins on both side to look up to.  Cora took some pictures of Blake and I while we were waiting to leave.
A couple of months ago, Blake decided that he didn't like 'little boy ties' anymore.  He will either get them from the dress up box or borrow his dads.  This is one of Grandpa Puzey's that he loves to wear.

After the baptism we went back to the farm and hung out for a couple of hours.  (Oh....Lalainia invented a new dessert.  She had wanted to make cake pops and I guess they were not working out, so she made small brownies and dipped them in chocolate.  They were sooooo yummy. I had heard of cake pops and pie pops but not brownie pots.  I am going to call them Lainia's Brownie Pops, she gets all the credit. I am sure they will be up on her blog site soon, so jump over and check out pictures.)  That night we went straight to HillSpring to stay at my parents house.  Mom does not want to be known as the 'paper plate' Grandma.  There are usually so many of us when we get together that paper plates are just easier.  She has decided to invite only one family at a time and bring out all the china.  Yesterday was our turn.  As we sat down to eat Leah said, 'What is this?  Spanish or something?'  We finally figured out she meant the china.  She said,'Oh I knew it was named after some country.':)  I was a quite nervous with Blake and mom's goblets.  I was sure he was going to break one.  I was very happy when he was done eating.  It was really fun and great food.  After Dave was commenting how good it was and how much it tastes like my cooking.  I said well mom is the one that taught me to cook.;)  We then went to Ft. Macleod for a youth fireside. It was wonderful. And finally home to bed.

It had snowed while we were in HillSpring and the roads were a little scary.  It was that thick slushy snow that just builds and pulls you, that is so heavy I am sure the power lines are going to come down, but is so incredibly beautiful.


  1. Thanks for the credit of inventing brownie pops - I'm sure I didn't but I'll take it. I love that Leah called your mom's China - Spanish. That is hilarious - I love her!! Glad you got home safe - you guys had a busy day. Thanks for everything you guys did for Ashton's baptism. It was such a special day for us. It was great to have family share it with us.

  2. Oh I forgot to say - the picture of you kissing Blake is adorable. You both look so cute!!

  3. That is a great picture of you and Blake