Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beautiful Spring Day

Leah's birthday is not for another couple of days, but I will be away so she had her party early.  At this age I don't give my kids a party anymore they are just allowed to invite one friend and we take them out for an activity.  Leah wanted to go golfing and since it is so cheap that we let her take two.
They had a really fun time.  Leah did better than usual. She didn't want a birthday cake this year, she asked for a chocolate fondue instead.  After golfing we went back to our house for that.
 The only thing I didn't get in her fondue was blueberries and I added the bananas.  I think everyone thought this was fun to do.
Today was the beginning of the semi-annual conference session.  Once again they were great messages.  I really enjoy watching conference at home.  I folded laundry while I was watching and could pop upstairs to put dinner in during the songs.  We still take our kids Sunday morning to the church.  I am not sure why, Dave and I have just always felt this was important.  There was the annual town Easter egg hunt right at the same time as the second sessions today.  I was so glad my kids did not even ask to go.  They knew what we would be doing.
In talking to some of my kid's friends (member friends) over the last week I was surprised how many didn't even know conference was on Saturday.  One kid even thought that the same session just ran 4 times.  They didn't know there was more than one.  I find that sad.
It was such a beautiful day that during the sessions I had the kids go outside.  I volunteered to do all their chores for them so they could go play.  For some reason the tree and the roof seem to be the favorite spots.  Rarely do I let them on the roof.
I am so glad for the opportunity that I have to listen to our church leader.  They always have amazing new incites and knowledge that just makes me think, well of course.  I really do treasure these messages.

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