Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rett and Solo

Leah had taken the calendar with the picture of Brynn in it to school a couple of weeks ago. Her teacher asked her to do a presentation on Rett Syndrome.  I had typed up a few paragraphs for her on what it was and things that Brynn liked to do.  We also showed the videos from Kita's blog.  She did a great job and the kids had some good questions after.  I think it would be fun to do one for the whole school in October.  The teacher commented that she had never heard of Rett before.  Either had I.  I am sure there are hundreds of things out there that I haven't heard of.  We just need someone to spread awareness.  Leah did a great job of that today.

Leah also had her Kiwanis Solo Festival today.  She did really well.  She sang out so I could hear her.  Leah did stumble a bit on the second verse.  I had tried to get her to practice at home and it was a fight.  Her teacher had also told her some things to do and she didn't want to.  Like saying your t's.  I don't know, why not listen to the person that has done hundreds?;) She got second.  There were only two people competing but I have heard that it is based on points.  You can be the only one in the competitions and still get second or third.  I guess we will see if she wants to do it next year.
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  1. Good for Leah! She is getting so grown up. I would have loved to hear her sing today.