Sunday, March 25, 2012

Practically Perfect In Every Way.

Yesterday we had what will probably be our final ski day this season.  It was incredibly beautiful.  We again got up super early and headed out.  When we were all finally dressed, it seemed to take way longer than usual, we put our skies on and away we went.  I was going to go on the bunny hill as a warm up but Dave decided that we didn't need that anymore.  Apparently we are to good for the bunny hill now:)  When we got to the top I sooo wished I had my camera. Blue ski, white trees, and we were above the fog line.  It was amazing.  I felt like I was on top of the clouds. My kids are great to ski with.  We had so much fun.  Cora is really good and Leah does great.  A little slow but she can do it.  Blake just constantly makes me laugh.  He  is going down the hill singing this duck butt wiggle song with actions.  He has not a care in the world.  I really can't describe his skiing it is something that needs to be seen.  It was honestly the most perfect ski day I have ever had.  There was not even a hint of wind.  It was so warm, yet the snow was not slushy or melting at all.  Dave has always said that -2 to -4 is the perfect ski weather and that is what it must have been.  Blue skies.  There was a ton of cars in the parking lot, but when we came in for lunch we had no problem finding a place to sit.  Which is unusual.  There was also one run down the hill that I swear we where the only ones on the hill.  I decided we should buy a mountain.  Why not!!:)  We had the best lunch.  Thursday I asked the kids what they thought we should take.  Everyone threw out ideas, Leah said taco-in-a-bag.  It was perfect.  I cooked the hamburger the night before, chopped up the toppings and had small bags of chips.  We had fruit and yogurt and heated the meat there.  It was so perfect.  A defiant keeper.  After lunch I suggested that I take the 4 kids, Jared and Emry were with us, so Dave and Jared could go to the top. Part way down the first run Blake and I went a different way.  This looked like it would be easier but when we came out of the trees it was straight down with moguls.  Blake made it but I ended up taking my skies off and hiking down.  I was petrified.  The next run Blake bit it good and got a fat lip.  He decided he was done and wanted someone to come and get him. I then thought to myself, 'why did I think it was a good idea to be the adult responsible for the safety of 4 kids that all ski better than I do?  Not brilliant on my part at all!'  We made it down and ran into Dave in Jared just in time.  We did one more run then left a little early so Cora and I could make it to the YW General Broadcast.  This was an excellent session.  I really enjoyed spending the time with my daughter and can't wait till Leah can come too.  I now understand why my mom treasured those moments. (My parents life would have been so much easier if I could have been a kid with the knowledge I have know, but I guess that is life:))  It was very special.  I know that Dave is excited to take Blake to the priesthood sessions also. We heard some really good messages.  I really enjoyed Sis Dalton, she did a fantastic job.  Finally home to bed.  I slept great last night;)
PS: Sorry about the long ramble.

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  1. Char - your description almost makes me want to go skiing. Sounded like a fabulous day!