Friday, January 27, 2017

Makes me Happy

Years and years and years ago when I started making lists for my birthday, I thought it was a neat tradition.  But now that I am sooo old, I have decided that this will be my last.  40 is a nice even number to end on.  Also I will go back and use the idea from my first list.  Without further ado:
Things That Make Me Happy
1. Dave
2. Cora
3. Leah
4. Blake
5. My parents
6. All my siblings
7. Having great in-laws
8. Living in this beautiful country
9. Living in wide open spaces
10. That my kids have flown on a plane and seen a bit of the world
11. Getting to see Dave's mission field
12. The Toone's
13. Sunsets and sunrises
14. My comfortable bed
15. The knowledge that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me, just as I am
16. When all my family is home safe and sound after a busy day
17. Watching my kids work hard and succeeding at it
18. Also when they fail and learn that sometimes we do
19. Green grass
20. When my kids are struggling with something and seeing them rely on their Heavenly Father
21. My health
22. Blue Bic pens
23. A good book
24. When someone else cooks dinner
25. A great movie
26. The good choices in friends that my kids have made.
27. Vacuuming floors
28. Fresh clean laundry
29. When I get to sleep in
30. Watching my kids in all their extracurricular activities
31. Days by myself
32.  A new recipe that ends up being fantastic
33. A clean house
34. Family get togethers
35. My house
36. Knowing that I can be forgiven for the mistakes I make
37. Days that I don't have to go anywhere
38. Clean sheets
39. Making notes and lists
40. Even tho it is annoying, I love listening to my kids talk to each other late at night when they are supposed to be asleep.

That was an easy list.  I could probably do that for my 90th and still have more to say.  I have been so blessed this year.  If this upcoming year is even half as good it will be amazing.  We got to do and see so much and spend so much time together as a family.  I had no obligations today, no where to go, and nothing that had to be done.  It has been the perfect birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday! Loved the list. Especially that bic pens where on it. I tend to favour the paper mate one's myself, but everyone needs a pile of good pens :)

  2. First of all there is no way you are forty years. Well that is what I thought until I started thinking and realized I am only three years away. Time flies. I am grateful you made this list. Maybe I should pick up where you are ending for myself. It would be good for me.