Monday, January 23, 2017

18 years

Leah had a basketball tournament last weekend.  They played two games on Friday, then after the second one, we were told that the team they were to play Saturday had backed out.  So we did not have to drive all the way back. Saturday morning we separated out a few calves that had gotten back in with the cows, then Leah and Blake were off to a party.  Cora studied for her upcoming diplomas.  We were to pick up Leah and Blake at 5.  Dave called and asked me to find out some movie times for Rogue One.  If it worked out, he wanted to take everyone after picking up the kids.  It worked out perfect.  We grabbed the littles and headed straight into town.  We had just enough time for a quite bite at A&W, then to the movie.

I am sure we are the only family that doesn't like 3D movies.  They really annoy us.  Leah said it was much better not to have to try to fit the 3D glasses over her glasses, but still.  (Her glasses broke after her game on Thursday.  We made a quick dash to the Dr for him to glue them together and then went back early then next day to try once again to get fitted with contact.  She was successful this time.  It was to be her birthday present in April anyways, so happy early birthday.)  Dinner and a movie with our kids was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.  We love being with our kids and want to spend all the time we can with them.

Sunday was our anniversary.  I woke up with a raging headache.  Blurry vision and nausea included.  But I had early morning meetings.  Through church I could barely concentrate, I just kept counting down the time. To church, Dave wore the tie he wore for our wedding.  Cora congratulated him for still being able to fit into his tie after all these year. :) After Dave asked if I wanted to ride to the stake center with him.  He had a short meeting.  At first I said no, so I could go home and lay down, but then I didn't want him to have to go alone.  He had Advil for me.  I took that and rested during his meeting.  When we got back, Leah had made dinner for us.  Cora had set the table all fancy.  We ate and watched a movie, then off to bed.  Being with each other and the kids was the only thing either of us wanted.  It was a perfect weekend.  It has been a wonderful 18 year start on eternity.


  1. Leah looks SO good with contacts!! I had someone tell me they saw my twin the other day and I figured out they were talking about Leah! haha.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Family is the best.

  3. Love it. That is how I would spend my anniversary's too.