Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Resolution....of a sort.

I've never been big on New Year's Resolutions.  I figure if I am going to start something new or make an improvement, I can do it in February or June 17th if I want.  I know, I know, it is the beginning of a year, time to start fresh, I get it, I just don't usually feel the need to participate. But over the last week, I just happened to be in many different places, with different people, and had the same situation come up.  It has caused me to really reflect and ponder some thing.  I have a lot of time on the road alone, that my mind gets to thinking.  I know I am crazy, but here it is.  I will be with someone that really annoys me and other will be singing their praises, or I will overhear someone  having a hard time with someone I think the world of. Some people I find so easy to be with and other I have to work so hard at it that I am exhausted after.  So why.....?  What makes the difference?  And it is not like all the people that annoy me are on one side and all that I love are on the other side. Some of my dear friends are good friend with others I have difficulties with.  Some I can see their goodness, but the things they do that annoy me really out way the good and I find them hard or uncomfortable to be around.  On the other hand some I can see the faults and how they could annoy others, but their good qualities are so amazing, I can easily overlook the faults.  I need to try to love everyone.  Cora is a great example to me, she is not fooled by other and will not be walked over, but she is always kind.  Even to those that annoy her.  She sees their potential and for the most part can ignore the irritants.  This year I strive to be better. Concentrate on the good.  Be more Christlike, see others as He does.  I know it is possible to develop this attitude.  I honestly don't think I have ever heard my Dad or older brother say a negative thing about a person.  I have a lot of friends that will chose a word for their family for the year.  Something they want to concentrate on or develop, etc.  Another tradition that I have no interest in, but as I have seen them blogged and Intagrammed over the last few weeks, one really stuck out to me.  I had a friend choose the word Listen.  And it got me thinking.  That is what I need to do to understand all the many difference around me. I need to listen to others lives and the roads they have to walk.   I need to listen to what they are not saying.  I need to listen to the prompting of my Heavenly Father and learn to see others as He does. Also I need to listen to how others feel around me.  I have never been bothered if someone didn't like me.  Figured it was their lose.  (Seriously if you know Leah at all, her personality is so me growing up.  The confidence, the surety, the grumpiness, the snittiness.  So sorry mom and dad!  I have grown and gotten better, I have great hopes for her and on the bright side nobody pushes her around)  Anyways, if I am to love everyone, shouldn't I also try to make it easier for others to love me. This year I want to try be a kinder person, a softer person, and learn to listen to what is in other people's  hearts.

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  1. A great resolution to have!!! I need to be more Christ like too. I liked what you had to say, a lot of it is how I feel too! Good luck!!