Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This and that...

Basketball season is starting to wrap up.  Leah has one final tournament this weekend and she is done.  For Cora it is only 3-4 more weeks, but in that time she has 6 games and 3 tournaments.  I think Blake is the most anxious for this season to be over.  The girls and I have been gone a lot.
Blake had a floor hockey tournament last week.  It was fun to go and watch him play.  He did well and had a lot of fun.
Waiting with his friends for their next game.

Blake has also been playing the guitar more and is getting a good number of songs he can do.  Back in October he and a friend started a Buff up Bootcamp at school.  They stay every Monday after school and do this.  He is really enjoying running that with his friend and all the kids that stay.
Saturday Leah and I went with all the other Grade 9 girls and their mom to shop for grad dresses.  I am not a shopper.  But it was fun to hang out with them.  Some of the girls were successful.  Trying on all the dresses has made Leah more indecisive about what she wants.  Now she really just wants to wear a black shirt, jeans and boots.  I told her June was going to be boiling, how about shorts and sandals.  Oh well we are still looking.

The girls tried on some horrible things for fun. I am sure the sells clerks saw 5 teenage girls coming and thought, here we go.

Lovely hats girls!
The rest of them stayed over and continued the next day.  Since it was a Sunday we didn't.  But we drove in front of a terrible storm and I was so glad the next day when I woke up and saw all the snow that I didn't have to drive home that day.  Roads were closed and Cora's games was cancelled on Monday, it was so bad.  While we were gone the other two kids and Dave worked on a bit of fence repair, separated some cows that had got back in together, hauled water, feed cows, (Dave has been getting all the kids to drive the tractor again this winter) and went to the dump. It is so nice to have the weeks shared between Dave and Jared.  Helps to take some stress off and not have to get up so crazy early, the week Dave is not on. Sunday we went to the Toones to celebrate Emily's birthday.  Again we stayed way to long and got back late.  Dave had gotten up early to water and check the cows. (He had been getting up at 4 all week to get it done before work.)  He also ran in to shovel the walks for church.  At church we got a flat tire.  Myrna gave us a ride home.  We then took another car to the Toones and had planned to change the tire on the way home.  Back at the church Dave searches his pocket, only to discover we had lost the car keys at their house and had to drive back home to get the spare keys.  Back to change the tire and one more water and cow check.  Then finally and blissfully to bed.
A while back for fire department they did a bale burn.  I think Cora said there were 100 bales.  The bales were decades old and had been used as a fence.  She was out until 3 in the morning, her suit caught on fire a few time and it was so hot they were putting snow down their gloves.  Cora loved every minute of it.

Also last week we were loving our heated garage with sink in it.  As I mentioned it was Dave's week to feed and water.  He pulled right into our garage with the tank on his truck.  He could then fill it with the cold and hot water.  He would have Blake help him fill it and then drive over and dump.  After the loads were done he could pull back into the garage and nothing froze.  It worked so slick he  offered to continue doing it this week for Jared.
We are getting closer to grad for the girls.  There are things to be done and prepped for that.  We got Leah into EFY for the summer.  Starting to make clothes for trek.  Looking at places for Cora to live next fall.  She only has two classes this semester and so has decided to look for a job.  Dave has been helping her put a resume together.  She is pretty stressed about the searching part.  Cora has had to do some actual fundraising.  She has to raise $500 to participate in a Firefighter Stair Climb Challenge.  She left a container at our local bottle depot and has put links up on her Instagram.  She has got a little so far.  I think that is all.  I didn't think I had much to say, but it ended up being very long.


  1. Great to hear what everyone is up to. Fun pictures!

  2. the floor hockey league would be so fun. Ty would love that. I had to double take on the pic with Leah and her friends wearing the hats, I thought Leah was Cora for a second. I can't believe Cora is graduating. It seems like it wasn't that long ago when she was first coming into Young Woman's.

  3. Wow Char you never disappoint. So fun to read and catch up.