Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year's Eve

As I mentioned we had planned to go skiing the 27th, but it was to windy.  The weather was perfect to go on the 31st.  We got all packed up and headed out around 7:30 in the morning.  A little later than Dave had wanted.  (My kids are going to die when they go back to school next week)   Leah was a little nervous about skiing with her knees.  She took both her braces and did them up tight.
First run hurt her a little, but she was snow plowing a lot.  They all had a blast.  Dave said they all did so good.  Cora and Blake had each gone one time last year.  Dave took a little time getting Leah back in to it, but he said it didn't take long and they had so much fun.

It was a good day.  Some wind and a little cold, but not to bad.

I sat in the lodge and enjoyed a good book and working out a food plan for the next couple of months.

We left the ski hill a half hour before it closed.  Cora and I had signed up for the Resolution Run that night.  After the hours of basketball the day before and then just sitting all day, I felt very unprepared for this 5K Run.  But I made it thro.  My time was not as horrendous as I thought it would be.  Cora did awesome.  Dave went to wash the car and she was back before he was.  She always waits for me at the beginning.  One of these days, I'm going to convince her not to.  She was only a couple minutes off my brother's time the year he won it.  Maybe next year for her.

After the run we decided to eat at Pizza Hut.  We had 2 hours to kill until we dropped the girls off at the stake dance.  Pizza Hut usually takes a while, so we thought it was a good choice.  Wouldn't you know it.  That night they were very prompt.  After eating we still had an hour.  We slowly drove clear around the town, killing time.  Finally we dropped them off.  The girls had a blast dancing and ringing in the New Year with Emily and Maycie.  They ended up staying in town with them that night.  The roads were horrible, I was so thankful that Cora was not driving at 1 in the morning, with the snow and so little sleep.  They did end up staying up till 4.  But oh well she didn't have to drive.  Blake fell asleep on the way home.  Dave and I brought the ski stuff in, put the food away and went to bed also. Before midnight.  It was a long, full, wonderful day.

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