Thursday, January 12, 2017


The weeks leading up to Dave's birthday, we had thought it was going to be a bit of a bummer.  Cora and Leah both had games in different towns and it was the High Council Spouse Appreciation Dinner that night.  All wonderful things that we love doing, but because of time and location, Dave was going to High Council by himself and none of us would even see him for his birthday, except the 15 mins in the morning that we read scriptures.  A few days beforehand, we learned that Leah's game was JV only, so she didn't need to go.  Which worked great for me.  She would then be able to be home with Blake and they could both get to bed at a decent time.  In theory.  :) Wednesday just before noon I was told that Cora's game had been cancelled.  It was so cold where we were going, that they had closed school for the day.  I quickly let Dave know that I would now be able to come to the dinner with him.  It turned out to be a nice day after all.  Cora did not have drama either so we were all home for an hour before Dave and I left.  We sang him happy birthday and Cora had a present for him.  Blake wrote him a really nice letter.  Then Dave and I headed to the dinner.  It was great as always.  I enjoyed spending those couple of hours with him.  We haven't seen much of each other since school started up again.  Dave was telling me stories of work.  He also reflected on how amazing and how blessed the past year was for us.  We had so many wonderful opportunities.   Our kids have got great friends, we have been blessed with good health so far, and we feel very very lucky.  When we got home, even tho it was late, the kids were all still up.  Cora and Leah have exams coming up and have been studying hard.  Blake was hanging out with him.  So we got to talk with everyone for a few more minutes before everyone went to bed.  We still have not had birthday cake together.  I was planning on it tonight, but Leah will leave before Cora gets home, then when Leah gets home Cora will be gone.  We will be at a basketball tournament all day Friday and Saturday, so it may be Sunday.  But we will get to it.  At this age, birthdays are kinda just another day.  And at least we got to see each other.  Happy 45th to the most amazing man I know.  I am very lucky to have you by myself for this journey.

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