Saturday, June 25, 2016

Full Day

The other day is was so warm outside, we went out to read scriptures as we waited for the bus.

Yesterday was a fun, full day.  Cora had another final and was off early.  I went to the school with the kids.  First off was the talent show.  Both my kids had a number they were performing.  Leah and her friends did an awesome job.  It was very well put together, fun and upbeat.  Blake and his friend had been practicing for weeks for a lip sync number as well.  He showed it to us at home an I was very excited for the school to see it.  Unfortunately the person that put the music on for them did the wrong version of the song.  So they sat on the stage lip syncing, waiting for their cue to get up and dance, but it never came.  So they just sat the whole time.  He was disappointed.  It really was cool, I wish everyone could have seen it.  During the Talent show I got to hang out with these lovely ladies.

We have a good time together.  After was the elementary track and field.  Kym and I were in charge of the Grade 5 boys.  We got them around to all their events and got all the ribbons handed out.  Blake did well.  He placed first to fourth in every event.

The junior high kids ran the events.  Leah did a very good job raking.  :)

Blake broke the school high jump record by 3 cm for his age.  He was very happy about that.  After he broke it I was trying to convince him to keep going.  He was hungry and thought once it was broke he was done.  It was later that he understood to keep going and was disappointed.  Again! What a day for Blake.  

Cora stopped by on her way through after her exam and watched or a while.  Then home to study for her last exam on Monday. Her most dreaded one. Physics 30. 

Watching relay after all the rest was done.  After track, we loaded up Blake, Leah and all her friends and came home.  They spent hours curling and straightening hair.  
doing make-up and laughing.  Melanie had done Alyssa's hair and then dropped her off.  When she got here, Melanie hung out with us in Leah's room, helping me decide how to best lengthen Leah's dress.  They are so good about supporting our standards.  At the dance later she even told me that she had made sure that Leah had the extender on.  I wasn't worried, but it is nice to know others are helping and watching.

Everyone is getting pretty.

When they were all ready, I feed them taco's and cheesecake.  They performed their number for Dave.  He wasn't able to see it earlier. During the talent show he was flying back from another business trip.

Look at those gorgeous girls.  All ready for the dance.  Blake was excited to go to the dance.  He let all the girls spike his hair in the front ( he calls it a mancorn. Lije unicorn but in a man. I don't know if he heard that somewhere or made it up. Strange either way. ) They also picked out his clothes.  Three of these girls, including Leah, have brothers in Grade 5.  They also are all friends and agreed to dance with all the girls.  They had a fabulous time at the dance.  Dave and I came close to the end.  They were all dancing away.  I had jokingly told the boys that I would give 10 cents to who ever danced with the most girls.  I thought they would laugh, who cares about 10 cents.  But when I arrived they came and told me how many they had dances with.  Guess I will dig out my money.  Cora and Leah slept in this morning.  Blake was up early and helping Dave with farm chores.  They cleaned the garage and got the doors set up in our paint booth.

Dave got all ready, hinges taped, everything set up, and then went to put the paint in the sprayer.  We are almost out.  Guess we are making a trip to town.  Oh joy!!  We got a touch of rain and now he is getting the baler ready.  I planted my flowers.  It has been a whole week since Kym gave them to me and they are still alive.  That is amazing for me.

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  1. The busiest days always seem to be the funnest :)