Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sunny Days

Last few weeks have been filled with sunny days, baseball, track, and fun.  Definitely almost summer.

I don't have a chance to take pictures during Blake's games since I am score keeping.  This is a good friend of his.

He did well in county track and field.   Placed second or third in all his events.

There was a For Fun School baseball tournament that grades 5-8 were in last week.  Spent the time watching Blake and Leah and chatting with friends.

Run, Leah, Run!!

Nice hit.

Thursday night the kids went to town and watched Civil War.  I have been wanting them to go and have a kids day since Cora got her license.  We just now finally had a free weekend.  I got home after baseball and got laundry done and started some bread.  The warm sun coming in my patio door was the perfect place to have it rise.

Dave has been getting the yard ready and most of it planted with grass.  It rained last night after he came in.  That was good timing!  We had heard that some friends and neighbors wanted to see our house.  We invited them to come last night.  I made a few ice cream toppings and served sundaes.  We did a tour and snacked and talked for a while.  It was a very nice evening.  Cora and Leah had been invited to a party by the girls they meet at youth conference.  They got a little lost finding the house.  But Cora got them there.  They played games outside and had a fire.  Both girls really enjoyed themselves.  They came home wet, dirty, smelling like camp fire, laughing, and filled with stories.  This morning Leah and Blake were trying to put off chores as long as possible.

They sand a song with many wardrobe changes.  Procrastination!!  Leah has been preparing a talk, Cora studying for finals, I was preparing a lesson, Blake had homework, and Dave worked on our railings.  They are looking great.  I ran Cora up for the opening ceremony for the solar park that she helped design.  Than back to finish all mentioned above.  We are trying to graft a cow.  My dad came up, brought Levi with him, and lent his experience and knowledge to help us.  It was fun to work with my dad with cows again.  Later we were sitting for a moment when we saw this tent rolling quickly through the field next to us.  Jared's tent had blown away.  Cora, Dave, and I grabbed our shoes, I told Leah to text them and let them know.  Dave and Cora took off running through the field chasing this tent.  Dave finally caught up to it about the time Jared raced up on the 4-wheeler.  It was so funny, I really wish I had had time to grab a camera.

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