Thursday, June 30, 2016

Catch Up

I haven't been thinking about much else but upcoming YW's camp lately.  However there has been lots going on.  So a little catch up before I get to far behind.  Tuesday was Leah and Blake's last day of school.  Cora's was Monday.  She made it through her final exam and is anxiously waiting for her report card.

Cora and I went to the awards assembly.  Leah did make it on the honor roll.  She was pleasantly surprised.  She was sure she had blown it with her LA final.  She was M.C. for the assembly.

Blake and Leah also got some class awards.  That night Bishop hosted an End of School BBQ for the youth in our ward.  It was pouring as we were driving up.  Cora was behind me in the other car with some of the kids and they called to make sure it was still on.  Half hour and the sun came out.  They had so much fun.

After eating we played laser tag.  Leah and Luke's guns died and they had to get more batteries so they missed my picture.

While some groups were playing laser tag, other groups played Cranium.

It was a really fun night.  We stayed a couple hours later than we thought.  Perfect school's out celebration activity.

I have been trying to get as much cutting done as I can.  I won't be any help the next two weeks with camp and my Smith reunion.  It has been fun to get out on the tractor again.
Yesterday I took the kids in to get a big pile of library books.  We got groceries and most of the things we will need for camp. (I really can't wait until this camp is over)  Dave met me at the library and we went to a funeral.  Cora drove the kids home and put away all the groceries for me.  After the funeral we had some things to sort out in town that we had been needing to do.  Than we went to dinner.  We finally got our date in.  Thank you Myrna for the gift certificate.  I was starting to wonder if we would ever use it.  :) We were a little rushed, Dave had to drop me off and then run to a meeting with the missionaries and stake president.

The kids have been doing the afternoon feeding of the calf.  It has been nice to turn that over to them.  We have a lot of things coming up in the next few weeks.  I will try to keep caught up.  But YAY!! for summer and hopefully some relaxing days.  

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  1. You are busy!! Hope you have a great camp and everything goes smoothly.