Sunday, July 3, 2016

1st of July Celebrations

I'm sorry this ended up being so long.  We had two wonderful July 1st celebrations this year.  Thursday night the girls were invited to another party by the girls they meet at youth conference.  They had a big bonfire and burned their papers from school, water gun fights and other games.  I'm so glad they are having fun with that group.  Home late and then lots of talking about the night.  For the first we went out to my parents like always.  This year my mom was the M.C. for the program.  She had asked my girls to do a number.  She had a number of people back out, so when I told her about the dance that Leah and her friends did for the school talent show, she asked if they would be willing to come out also.  Then the person my mom was M.Cing with was not able to do it, I volunteered Leah.  Leah was very excited when she got to do that also.  We left early in the morning.  One of her friends was concerned about leaving so early, she wanted to know where in the world this place was we were going.  They were all ready at 7:30 am.  Dave took our kids out. 

 I took Leah and her friends.  Cora stole Dave's phone and took some pictures.  Such a beautiful girl. 
One of the friends was not able to make it with us and we missed her.  We did a sound check upon arrival, then the exciting 8 min parade.  Both sides.  Then program.  

They all did a fantastic job.  I loved Cora and Leah's song.  Next was the annual beef and beans that we look forward to.  We ate, the girls walked around, looked at the bridge, and did the zipline.  We needed to leave by 2 so Alyssa could be back to dance.  Just as we were driving away the plane came.  We had told the girls about how the plane drives over and throws out candy.  We stayed a little longer so they could watch that.  A quick stop at my moms for the washroom and we headed home.  10 mins from my parents we decided we had time to stop for ice cream.  Leah wanted to fit all her Smith fun into just a few hours so her friends could get a taste of what she does in the summer.  As we were eating I looked at my phone and saw that Melanie had sent me a text hours earlier saying Alyssa was no longer dancing so no rush.  I said it was to bad we hadn't known.  They could have brought their suits and bridge jumped.  None of the girls had done this before and were very excited.  They didn't care and wanted to jump even in their clothes.  I called the family and said we were coming back in case anyone else wanted to jump also.  My mom kindly thought of towels for them.

They loved it.  Cannon, Levi and Blake jumped also. 

After a few jumps, Dad took them up the canal a ways and they body floated down.  Leah got in with them for that.

And then a few more jumps.  We really did go home after that.  The girls were freezing and wet all the way, but they sang and talked and had a blast.  It was our town's 105th celebration.  We made it back in time to drop all the girls in town.  They ate and helped with some of the kids games.  Dave and I fed the calf and cows.  We had a very quick bit and went back to town for the movie and fireworks.  The fireworks did not disappoint.  I always love fireworks and listening to the bang. It was another late night.   Morning of the 2nd we did the pancake breakfast and parade.  Leah sat in a different spot with Alyssa  She got a ton of candy.  Her pockets were bulging.

Everyone went home to do some chores  I had volunteered to work at a few different places, so I stayed in town.  After lunch they all came back.  We enjoyed the highland games.  There we watched post throwing, boulder throws, boot throws, and sack caring.  Cora thought it was very amusing.  Especially when they started throwing the boot.  Her and Dave were wondering if parents were trying to make games out of chores for their kids, or what?  Many comments from them had us laughing.  We walked over to the lawn mower races.  I had been looking forward to those.  Also very entertaining.  After that we left to get ready for a wedding reception.  As we were walking back to our car this shuttle came by and asked if we wanted a ride.  It was a gator sort of thing.  I had seen it  through out the day and thought it would be fun to ride.  Dave said no thanks as we were only two block from our car at this point.  I jumped in and said I had been wanting to ride all day, it looked fun. So everyone got on.  After hearing my comment the driver took us on a ride.  He went in ditches and jumped it and we had so much fun.  The wedding reception was wonderful.  We saw all our friends from our old ward.  It is always great to see them again.  The kids were going to go back into the beef on a bun and the fire dept display.  They had trouble finding the bottles to feed the calf and took to much time looking for them, so they missed it.  By the time we got home it was yet another late night, but all in all worth it.  We had a lot of fun at all the celebration event this weekend.

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