Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marine Biology: Part 2

The next morning started with a boat trip.  The kids got suited up in wet suits.  They had accidentlly brought a XL for Leah instead of a XS, so she got a brand new one from the boat.  The rest of the kids went snorkeling in a kelp forest.  Leah got out there and start hyperventilating.  Staff thought this might not be the best while in the water.  :)  

She swam a bit, just didn't do the snorkeling.  Leah said she raised her hands so we would know who she was in the water.   Next they went whale watching.  I was told they were lucky and saw a lot of whales and many jumping.  Leah's favorite animal from the trip were the sea lions.  

Leah thought her friend looked like a platypus

Back in the boat they got to look at some more marine life.

Apparently Leah did not like petting this fish.

Crab earrings anyone?  Could be a new trend.

The instructor sort of threw this lobster at the kids as a joke.  Some of the kids and teachers got to hold it on their arm.

Hugest pizza ever.

More labs.

The last day they went boogie boarding in the morning before the plane.  Leah LOVED this.  They kept going and going as much as they could fit in till it was time to leave.

It was a really neat experience. Leah got to see and swim in the ocean for the first time.  She got to see a lot of new marine animals and interact with them.  Lots of neat animals at the zoo.  It was a big trip of first and something that she will always remember.


  1. Looks and sounds like an awesome experience!!!! I loved going on marine biology trips!!!!! Memories that last a lifetime!!!!

  2. Leah youre so lucky!! That seems like so much fun! Glad you had a good time! :)