Saturday, February 20, 2016

Puzey Dinner

Instead of exchanging presents, a few years ago we decided to all go out to dinner together with the Puzey's.  Without any kids.  I got this idea from my friend Mandy and have enjoyed it.  This year Dave and I wanted to host it and asked if everyone would mind waiting a few months.  Last night was the night.  I was excited to make some of my favorite foods and have everyone come.  It was a nice evening.  Most of the prep was done before hand.  I had little brown bags that I filled with candy for place settings.  It took me a couple tries to get them printed from the computer right, but I loved how they turned out.

We started with 7-layer dip, fruit and dip and meatballs for appetizers, and pina colada for what Natalie calls a 'sipatizer'.  We munched and talked while the salmon cooked.  When it was done we served it and some roasted veggies and Caesar salad.  I had cooked all the vegetables before hand then stuck them in the crock pot to keep warm while the salmon cooked.  Apparently this does not work.  My veggies were a little cold when I sat down to eat them.  I will know for next time. 

For dessert Oreo cheesecake.  I decide not to serve a drink during the meal.  I had frozen blueberries and lemon wedges in ice cubes.  I added that to the water so it was pretty.  I really like just having a small nice drink before hand then water.  Everyone stayed after for a while and it was nice.  Our kids had gone to Grandma's to babysit the younger grand kids.  Originally I had planned to have them serve us and do the clean up as we relaxed then they were going to head to town for a movie, but maybe next time.  I loved entertaining again and putting together and planning what I wanted to do and serve.  I think I personally enjoyed it more than going out. I think it was a good night for all and I am glad they were willing to wait and drive to come.

Rachel and Jared brought us this cute housewarming gift.  All of it was nice and put together with a little saying.

I love the salt container and the basket I can think of a few things I would like to use it for.  Kids are loving the candy.  The night before Myrna had given us some nice towels and some great sheets.  We really needed new sheets.  They were SO comfortable.


  1. It was lots of fun Char....and so yummy!!!!!

  2. It was a wonderful night. I am so glad you liked your gift. I sure appreciate you! You put on a fabulous night. I can't wait till we do it again.

  3. Such a great night! Thank you so much for hosting. Also, thank you to your wonderful girls for watching our kids. I don't know what we would have done without them. Sure appreciated it!!