Thursday, February 18, 2016

.... and More!

Monday we also got up early.  Especially considering it was a holiday.  I didn't know that Dave had the day off.  He was teasing me that I was not spending time with him as my family on Family Day.  But I did spend it with family.  He later said he got so much done with out being distracted.  Anyways we drove out to my parents house and dropped off Blake.  My dad and Blake hung some doors on the barn.  Mom, Nicole, and I went into the temple to do some initiatory.  Kailey took Cora, Leah and Levi and they did baptism.  We drove separate so we didn't have to wait for each other.  I can't express how much I love that they can all drive themselves in and do this work together.  And they love it.  Music blaring, Levi bought them all ice cream after, hanging out.  Love it.  Just great, great moments.  When we all returned we ate dinner.  Mom had a few project for us to help with.  Blake and Levi picked up sticks in the yard and had a Nerf War.  It was good for him to have some time with some boys to hang out.  That night we had a fun FHE.  Mom made up 2 lists of names.  The first we had to pick out which ones were not part of our family line, and the second we had to decide if they were part of the Smith or Southam side.  Next they had all these books out from our ancestors.  We each picked one. (Cannon and Nicole and kids came over also)  From the book we had to find a story to share with the rest of the group.  It was really fun.  My parents have SO many books.  I took a picture of what they had out, it is not even all of them.

The next morning Blake, Levi and Dad hung another door.  We just hung out and had a really great time.  It is always so relaxing to just sit and be with my family.  It is truly like a vacation.  We came back after dinner, and admired all Dave's hard work.  Then watched a movie.  Yesterday was cleaning and catch up on laundry.  In the afternoon, Cora ran to town to get her friend Meghan who is down for the week.  I'm so glad they have been able to stay in contact and friends.  We are planning a trip up to her place this summer.  They stayed up playing games and talking until 2:30 in the morning.  Crazy girls!!  They have a lot of time to make up for I guess.  Later today we will take her back and get some groceries.  I love all the time I have got to spend with my family this weekend.  I like having the kids out of school and hanging out all day.  A few more days left of this much needed school break.

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  1. Holidays are the best. Nice that you got to spend it with family. They are the best too.