Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So Much....

I am so behind in blogging.  I really have not had time to sit down and blog, never mind get pictures the last few weeks. We have been having a great time.  Leah returned from her trip to San Diego.  I took Blake and Cora out of school early so we could all go get her from the airport.  I just need to get a few more pictures uploaded then I will blog that.  Last week we had so many basketball practices.  Cora and I would go right after school where I was coaching her playing, then she had a half hour to forty five minutes and she would run to drama practice, then straight to Leah and Cora's ball practice.  I stayed to those so there was someone over 18.  Cora has been doing a great job coaching.  She taught them some plays and strategies this week.  We would come home for a late dinner and bed.  Blake has been spending lots of time with Dave as we are away.  All of our tile is done and toilets are in.  Blake has been feeding cows and loving it.  Dave will walk around in the field and cut strings as Blake has gone back and forth to get bales.  Blake loves driving the tractor and will tell you all about it in great detail.  He loves going to the dump with me also.  We got his Valentine's ready a few weeks ago.  This year we pick one with no candy involved.  Seems there are more and more allergies to worry about so this would work for everyone.
At Scub Days they had a Nerf Gun War.  Blake invited a friend to that and was so happy when the mom said yes.  His school Valentine's party was early because Thursday they went skiing.  Dave took the day off work to take him up.  Sadly no pictures tho.  Blake ended up skiing most of the day with his friends.  Dave said once he was getting in line and Blake skied right up beside him and got on the chair.  Came out of no where.  Friday and Saturday was Cora's home tournament.  Just the day before I was asked to do all the food for the coaches room as well.  Only two parents were willing to help.  Friday I had to be up there almost all day to make sure food was stocked and Cora had to score keep.  Blake and Leah had been invited to a birthday party.  They played Laser Tag and had a blast.  After we were done at the tournament we picked up the kids from the party, quick dinner, and I finished the girls bedspread and pillows.  Nice to have that done.  Saturday we were up early to play at 8.  We lost but it was a good game.  We had anticipated to lose since the girls had never played together before.  I only had one or two show up to practice and it was always a different one or two.  We only lost by 15 points.  I was impressed.  More score keeping and food checking/stocking.  We had a few hours break and ran home to wash uniforms and clean a bit.  Back for final game to score keep  and clean coaches room.  It was a long day.  Sunday I had early morning meetings.  Because we had done Blake's Valentine's so early and the tournament, I sorta forgot about Valentine's day.  I did set red Jell-O with raspberries that morning and I set the table special for dinner, but that was it.  Dave mailed me a card.  He knows I love things in the mail.  That was big surprise and he had hidden a small treat in the house for me.
But that was it.  Kids watched a movie, I read.  We didn't do much.  It was nice just to be home and not have to run anywhere.


  1. I think being able to stay home with family is the best way to celebrate. Excited to see all of you on Friday!

  2. I'm happy Lalainia mentioned being excited for Friday....I totally forgot our dinner was this Friday!!!!! Sounds like you have been busy!!!!! But fun busy!!!!