Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Great Escape

So far it has been a fantastic weekend.  Friday night we went with Pierson's and Davis' to a place called the Great Escape.  You get locked in room for 45 minutes and have to find clues to unlock safes and decode message for other things and try to get out.  It was really neat and a little nerve racking.  But in a good way.  You could push a bell and get a hint if needed.  We were seriously so  very close get getting out.  We where working on a the last clue when time ran out.  Since we were that close they let us finish as they waited.  After we went out for dinner.  It was so great to get together with them again.  I miss hanging out with those fun couples.  Early this morning I took Cora and Leah with the youth down to do temple baptisms.  It was pouring rain.  We got back just in time to take all the kids to the circus.  I hadn't planned on it, but when we got home the night before they had got the house so clean and it was rainy, what else was there to do.  It was a nice circus.  Just a few acts.  My favorite was the aerial straps, that was done to music from Last of the Mohican's.  Loved it.  Tomorrow is church then the girls have Bishop's Youth Discussion.  Always a good time.  Monday is a holiday and we get to spend the day together.  Despite the rain it has been good so far. And really we needed the rain.

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  1. Was it a scary escape place? I know there is a place up here that does different levels of scariness as you figure out the puzzles. Sounds like you had a fun date night!