Thursday, May 28, 2015


Blake came home from school Friday and he really wanted to go swimming.  It was a perfect hot day, but we weren't able to take him.  I looked up swim times for Monday, thinking it would be a good thing to do for FHE.  He was not satisfied.  Next thing I know he had found this old giant plastic lid and had roped his dad into helping him line and fill it.  The water was really cold.  That night he only got his feet in.

By Saturday afternoon the sun had warmed it up and it was the perfect temperature.  Blake spent a long time after he mowed sorta swimming around in it.

I did take him Monday to the pool.  Dave had some stuff that had to be done for the roofers, so I just took the kids up.  We where in a hurry to make swim time since it was only for an hour.  As a result I forgot the camera.  I wish I would have remembered.  It was pouring rain, but no thunder and lightning so the pool stayed open.  Blake and Cora where the only people in the pool, I am not sure the lifeguard was pleased she had to come out in the rain to watch them.  Leah and I sat huddled under an umbrella watching.  It really would have been a sweet picture. 

When I first joined Pinterest (4yrs ago) I saw this advent calendar centered around Christ.  I knew immediately I wanted to make one.  In January I finally sat down and started working on it.  The one I saw was numbers, pictures of the Savior, and the top said "Christ the Savior is Born".  I wanted to add scripture to mine.  I thought about doing the Christmas story, then about the different names of Christ, ie: The Rock, The Good Shepard.  (I still love this idea and will do something with it for Christmas) I finally settled on scriptures telling how we can become more Christlike.  It then took me months to research scriptures, narrow it down to the 24 I wanted, paint, modg podge, cut wood, etc.  I knew it would take me awhile, that is why I started early.  But I thought it was a little funny when I went to get the wood the guy at the store was trying to help me pick just what I wanted.  He asked what it was for.  When I told him he said, 'Yes, because clearly Christmas is right around the corner.'  I started laughing.  Anyways without further ado here is a crappy picture of the finished product. 

I should have had Christ stand out more, maybe paint a red square behind it????  You can't really see but the scriptures are on vellum circles and have attribute (Just, Kind, Honest) and are glued to the board.  If I was to make another I would do a few things different, but overall I'm happy with the results and glad it is finally done.  


  1. I don't think the boys are putting up our pool this year, we should bring it to the farm for Blake - it's not huge, but it's bigger than his lid! Cute kid!

  2. I have been wanting to make an advent just like that!! You will have to tell me where you got your pictures and supplies.

  3. I love the advent Calendar. The makeshift pool is awesome too:)