Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day

OK! I am finally willing to admit that I don't really like Mother's Day.  I know I can hear gasps and lots of Whaaaat's??? But it is true.  I don't.  Every year I'm sure it will be different, but it's not.  Maybe I expect to much from my kids or to little.  I don't know.  I can't stand breakfast in bed.  I think that would be the worst thing and told my kids so early on.   I never really want anything.  Dave stopped giving me gifts yeas ago since I could not really think of anything.  Which is great.  I'm not his mom anyways.  I know, many argue that I'm the mother of his children.  But so what.  Dave shows me everyday in little ways that he appreciates me and everything that I do, I don't need a day set aside.  It bothers me that the church feels they need to give all the mothers a gift.  Not sure how that tradition started. And why do we have to be so praised that day, like normally we don't feel up to the task, so go overboard to make us all feel like we are doing a good job this one day.  Then on the other swing of things I, for some reason, expect my kids to be amazingly obedient that day.  Yet it always turns out terrible.  Blake refused to get in the shower, Leah was sick, Cora was upset that she couldn't decide what dress to wear.  After church I told them I wasn't doing dishes and sat and read while I watched them.  Well I had to keep sending the kids back in, and I felt I missed out.  I actually really enjoy cooking and cleaning up after.  Especially when we work together.  Saturday and Monday where fabulous.  All the kids got in and saved Dave hours and hours of work.  They did it with joy and laughing.  Leah told me she would finish vacuuming the water out of the basement so I could make it to the dump.  Blake mowed tons of lawn and later told Dave he would finish vacuuming out the equipment so Dave could set up the next chore.  Cora volunteered to check cows twice so we could do other things and stayed right with Dave for hours mixing grass seed.  They helped cook and clean up.  We even had time for a fire Monday evening.  Those where normal days for us.  Sunday was not nice.
I am going to pretend Saturday was Mother's day. :)  I do enjoy the little things the kids make at school.  The necklace is what Blake made me.  It matched the earrings he gave me last year. And I loved the questioners they filled out when they where younger.  Being a mom is tough.  It really is the greatest heartache and the most wonderful joy I have ever felt. Sometimes I don't know the answer or the right way to deal with something. Sometimes I just want to sit in a corner and read.  But most days I love it.  I love the running, around, the cooking, the laundry, the late night chats, the cleaning, the working, the joy of watching them grow, the crafts, listening to them, I could go on and on.  I love everything about being a mom except Mother's Day. 

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  1. Sorry you don't like Mother's day. I don't really think it is for us anyway - I think it is so our kids can feel like they've fussed over us and made a big deal ;) Every Mother's day my boys ask - in a whining voice - when is kid's day; to which I reply, every day is kid's day!!