Monday, May 11, 2015


YAY!!!!  I have cement.  It looks great.  These guys where so nice.  They didn't mind me taking all these pictures, or Dave and I just hanging out watching for awhile.  When we booked they said they would be there at 8 in the morning on Wednesday.  Monday for FHE we did lots more of the prep work.  Dave was very close to being done, we had been so close to ready when it snowed last fall. We just had to push hard at the end.
Tuesday we where starting to feel a little panicked about all that needed to be completed.  After Young Women's I left the kids with instructions to get in bed and planned to help Dave as late as he needed.  We worked till about 11pm.

He got up the next morning at 4.  As soon as Cora was off I was going to go back over.  The cement workers showed up at 6:45.  A tad early.  Cora sent a text to her seminary teacher that she would not be there. I just couldn't be in  two places at once and Dave really needed me.

We did get it done by the time they where all set up.

The kids got all ready for school.  I gave them a 95% that morning on being wonderful. :)  Leah wanted to know what happened to the other 5.  I told her if she would have gotten scripture reading in it would have been 100%

Look how awesome.

It had kinda been a last minute decision that if we had extra cement we would have them come over and put some where the cows where.  Jared had worked hard and late to get that ready as we did our house.

We where glad that after his work it wasn't a waste of time.  Now on to the next step.

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  1. That's exciting! It is great to see progress on your house.