Thursday, December 18, 2014


Back in September, Cora's high school was presented with a project.  The project was to design a new solar park for the town.  Cora got partnered up with another girl.  They worked and drew and finally submitted a park with many solar panels, some you could plug into and charge phones etc. Lights lining a walking path, of course powered by solar, the walking path had shell and lots of grassy areas with benches.  She was really hoping to win the prize.  A new iPad.  We were still kinda hoping but thought it was long over, when today during the School Christmas Party they called her and her partner's name.  SHE WON!!  She got a iPad 2 Air, the new ones that just came out. So cool. They are doing her lay out, that is why she won. And she thinks they are doing two of the panels (She submitted 4).  Cora does not know which ones they picked.  She was in such a hurry to get it in on time, she forgot to take a picture of her submission.  We are not sure when they are starting either.  But sometime in the future if you come to visit us and stop by the town her high school is in, you can see her solar park and panels.  How cool is that. Congrats Cora!

Blake's reaction was hilarious.  She wanted to casually pull it out and show Dave.  Blake could barely breath.  He has been wanting one for a while.  He was jumping up and down, shouting 'We got an iPad, we got an iPad!'  We said 'uh no Cora did'. 

Speaking of High School, it is amazing how often she gets questioned about her beliefs.  'You have never sworn, Ever!'  'Why do you not wear leggings?' ' How come you can not come to our parties?'  'You do not have more than one piercing?'  'Why are you never on the bus in the morning?'  I think that they are fascinated by her.  One girl said she lived in a Mormon town for 3 years and it was the worst experience ever.  Everyone treated her like dirt since she wasn't a member.  But she really likes Cora.  Talking to her after school I am constantly reminded about when one of the apostles said to defend our beliefs.  Defend them with courtesy and but defend them.  That is exactly what she is doing.  I think she is slowly changing minds up there.  As my mom says, 'she is paving the way at the high school for her siblings' and doing a great job.


  1. Great work Cora!!! You truly are a wonderful example!!!!!!

  2. So proud of her. Her entry is amazing. Congratulations Cora! Love grandma P

  3. So cool! Love to hear about the fascination with Cora and her beliefs. Living in Utah and having the majority of people believe the same thing, I some times forget how it can be different. To neat about the i pad.

  4. Woo Hoo Cora!! Good job girl!! I can’t wait to see the design when it is done!