Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Bit Christmas

This has been such a frustrating post to try to writet.  For some reason I couldn't get pictures off my camera or my phone.  Then the one of everyone at the gym playing basketball I accidentally deleted when trying to figure out why it would not upload.  Ugghhhh!!  Anyways, we had some fun Christmas get togethers over the weekend.  Friday was our ward Christmas Party.  It was a really great evening as always.  Primary put on the Nativity.  Blake was an innkeeper.  He was super nervous but had his parts memorized and did a great job.  As Young Women and Young Men we did A Christmas Carol in 5 minutes.  One of the YM leaders had found a script for the Lego version and we used that.  I thought it went really well.  I have no picture for you:(  Also that night I managed the coolest braid in Leah's hair.  You don't get to see that either.  It was a waterfall braid on the top falling down each side, then I took those pieces and braided into a french braid on each side, all pulled into a messy bun at the back.  The girls had painted toes and fingers in the afternoon.  Cora did toes, a blue background with a tiny snowman. Complete with scarf and buttons.  It looked awesome.  I did Leah's fingers.  We took one finger on each hand and I did a Santa hat, the rest where candy cane stripes.
The next morning Jared and Dave got some wayward calves back in and fixed the water.  We then took off for my family Christmas Party.  We went straight to the school gym first and played some basketball.  Mom and Dad had snacks and a few other games that we played with prizes.

Back to my parents house for an amazing ham dinner.  After we had a short program.  Each family was assigned a number to perform.  After was the white elephant exchange.  We all walked away with great stuff. Some very fun gifts. My favorite part was Ryan.  He was VERY determined that no one was going to take the M & M dispenser away from him.  It was a scary drive home.  The roads were very slippery.  It tooks us over an hour longer than usually to make it.

Sunday Leah gave her first Youth Talk in this ward.  Her topic was, 'What does Christmas mean to me?'  She also did a great job.  I was a little worried since I was sure she was just listening to music the whole time.  But I guess she was writing.  We came home and had a celebration dinner.  OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!!  We had been saving a bottle of Martenellis for just this occasion.  We also had Orange Chicken.  Very very good.  Then we did a little straightening, Blake finished his model car.  Cora and Leah sorted a pile of clothes they got from Smith's.  Then is was movie time, with home made chocolates.  And to bed on time.  Shocker. Christmas season is always busy, but it is fun.


  1. Great post! Would have loved to see pictures of Leah's hair and their nails though ;)

  2. Oh Char! I have been there on the frustrating posts! I have deleted a hole post once, but never any pictures that stinks. Sounds like all your party's were a smash. To cute about the M & M dispenser. I also had to speak this last Sunday My topic was on how I know that my Heavenly Father and Savior love me. The other speaker said it perfectly if you want to bring Christ into your Christmas holiday have the bishopric ask you to speak.