Friday, December 5, 2014

A Rare Few Moments

My kid's schedule has been craaaazy lately.  I have watched Nicole and Kita for years, knowing my turn was coming.  The older the kids get the more they are involved in.  We used to have days or even a week that was run run run. Now we have hit a constant.  Cora leaves at 7 and Leah at 8 in the morning.  Most days we are home between 6-8:30.  We pack lunches and dinners or eat late.  Do homework in the car.  Go straight from basketball to piano to a song practice.  Or basketball, 20 mins at home to eat and back to YW's. Blake gets dragged all over, with books and games. (But the girls will get dragged in the spring when he plays his sports:) Cora is also scheduled for a tournament every weekend until mid March.  Then she has two weeks for the final drama performance.  They are keeping up on school work.  Keeping grades high.  Bedtimes are not really happening, they just want some down time and time to chat with the family, so it always happens at night and no one wants to go to bed.  Up early for scriptures and out the door.  Not complaining, I love being able to have them do things the love and being able to watch them.  And I let them stay up some nights because I love that they crave that family time, that they want it and need it. This is my life now.  My stage, my season. And sadly it is not going to last long. I am very aware of how little time I have left with them at home.  Last Monday no one had school, so no basketball.  We packed in the morning, then had dental appointments.  We then went to my parents house and had a few rare moments of nothing. I always try to have my kids do some Christmas crafts.  I took it all out to my parents and they worked on it out there.

They also made those tea lights that you turn sideways and put a face on to look like a snowman.  The light being the nose.  But I could not find those for a picture.  This is what Leah's room looks like lately.  She is not the best at putting things away anyways.  For some reason she really can't get the whole 'if it is in your hand put it away right then' concept.  I told her to just give me 10 mins a day.  It might not be spotless, but it won't be overwhelming.

The tournament for this weekend got cancelled.  Sadly we were all so excited.  We have to move in the morning and we are making chocolates the rest of the day.  My three kids were so excited when they found out that they had nothing to do Saturday evening.  Dave and I have a party to go to.  They are going to just hang out, work on some projects they want to do, have some snacks and watch a movie.  A rare moment of just the three of them together without running somewhere.  It's going to be bliss.


  1. Busy, busy! Cute Christmas decorations! Hope I get to see you on Saturday.

  2. Cute decoration. I am glade they have things they enjoy also. I am also glade they enjoy their down time.