Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

And Christmas Day arrived.  When we first talked about going to Vegas for Christmas, Dave kept teasing me that I was cancelling Christmas.  I was sure that I wasn't, I was just making it different.  But he was right.  I did not feel like Christmas at all.  We went swimming first.  Once again the only ones in the pool.  It was an outdoor pool. It was a little chilly this morning and we stayed in the hot tub.  Got ready, ate breakfast and went to see the temple.  Our original plan was to sit on the temple lawn and have a picnic as we talked about the birth of Christ.  It was a cold breeze.  We walked around the temple ground and then later talked about His birth in the car.  

It was interesting that this day the kids asked questions about the Vegas strip and all the extravagance.  It turned out to be a great opportunity to talk about how Satan sucks us in.  It was all a show, an illusion, with a promise of grandeur and riches to be won.  The kids also asked what it meant 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'.  So it was neat to talk about how the world wants us to think that we can make a decision and it won't effect anyone but us.  How Satan wants us to think with no guidelines our lives will be more fun and happier, how he wants us to think with certain friends or clothes everything it better. But we know it is not true.  Only following the teachings of Christ will truly make us happy and we need to have compassion, kindness, and think of others. It was fun to hear their thoughts and feelings about it.

If anyone knows what this plant is I would love to have you tell me.   Most where a deep purple.  Looked almost like a cabbage.  Neat flower.

Dave had been doing some research on Vegas and how it got settled.  Of course he did right?!!:)  He found the first Mormon settlement in Vegas.  They still have the oldest building there.  It was closed for Christmas, but we drove there and looked over the fence anyway.  We went back to the New York New York.  There was a roller coaster that Dave wanted to see.  Once we found it he decided to have the kids ride it.  Apparently we sprung it on them to fast.  They all really wanted to but where to nervous. We stayed there for a bit trying to convince them to go. Walking away Dave and I looked like the meanest parents ever.  Our kids all had long faces and where walking slowly.  tI totally looked like they had all wanted to go and we had said no.  It was so funny we were laughing.  The kids where not impressed.  Cora and Leah threatened me if I blogged about it.  But it was to good to forget. We then went to Circus Circus. And again forgot camera in the car. Every 45 minutes they had a free circus act to watch, and while you are waiting there were tons of Midway games to be played.  We watched a few performances.  After seeing all the Midway games we decided to give each kids $5 to spend however they liked.  But we warned them to choose wisely.  Some games where 50 cents for 6 tries and some where a dollar for one try.  We walked all the way around so they would know all their options, then we played.  It was fun.  Super super crowded.  Leah ended up with 2 prizes (she lost her favorite in the airport in Great Falls), Blake got one and Dave got 2 that he traded up for a bigger prize.  Poor Cora was sad she did not get anything.  She had her eye on a little Minnie she wanted too.  Leah really wanted to see the famous Las Vegas sign.  We drove out but there was a very large line to get a picture and almost no parking.  We just drove by and looked at it.  We had about an hour back out our hotel before we needed to go to The Tournament of Kings.

This was the one show I had booked. In hind sight, Dave and I really wish we would have done two shows.  It was a jousting and sword fighting show with horse riding and song and dance.  We all sat in kingdoms, ours was Hungary.  We had a 3 course meal that we ate with our hands. And had to cheer our king on.  First was tomato soup, then Cornish hen, potatoes, broccoli, and a biscuit, last was an apple danish.  Everyone got right into it and cheered and make a ruckus.  It was great.  Blake told me he thought we were going to have dinner then get a history lesson about each country.  He thought it was much better how it did happen.

Our king really was the best.  He was very happy to pose with everyone afterwards.  No pictures allowed during the performance.
Once again we were tired out.  Had fit a lot into one day.  Time for sleep.


  1. Hi Char, That plant is actually a flowering cabbage, the foliage changes color. They are so pretty. Go on Google and type in flowering cabbage and you will see all the colors they have. So pretty. Looks like a great holiday.

    1. Thanks Aunt Sheila. I will look it up for sure.