Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Plus

Saturday night I had taken the kids down so Cora could meet Meghan for a movie.  We almost didn't go.  We heard there was a snow storm coming in and I didn't want to drive home in it.  But by this time she was half way here.  Its a 4 hour drive for her, and we found out it was the only reason she was coming.  At that point it was just raining and we thought we would be okay.  Coming home was scary, we crawled.  We almost stayed over, but it was still just above 0 and I thought it would be worse in the morning after it had frozen.  Good decision.  There was way more snow in the morning, church was cancelled and we had power out for 12 hours.
We played lots of board games, had sandwiches instead of the roast we were looking forward to, kids built some snowmen.  The house didn't get too cold.  Made me very thankful it wasn't -30 outside, that we did have stuff to eat, and that no one was sick that day since we couldn't flush toilets.  Also very thankful for the people that worked all day in the snow to get the power back up again.  Electricity seems like such a little thing until you don't have it.

OK so Halloween.  Usually the kids Cora's age don't dress up.  It was usually just her and her friends.  She decided to go as a low key Batman.  When she got to school she found out that here they go all out.  Cora is excited for next year.  Blake's hair is way to long.  A few weeks ago Dave suggested his hair looked like a mop top and that he should go as Paul McCartney for Halloween.  Perfect costume.  Didn't have to do a thing.  I still haven't cut his hair.  I am hoping to have a free hour on Wednesday.  Leah chose months ago to be a bumble bee.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  She drew it up, picked out the supplies and I sewed it.  All easy costumes this year.

When Amber found out that Blake would be trick or treating by himself with Dave, she offered to take him. He had fun and Dave kept working on the house.  He got lots of candy again.  Blake has been very generous and sharing with all of us.  My mom had seen a poster saying Beyond 5 was coming back.  They had hit a lot of high schools in the area last year, and she thought the girls would like to see them again.

Mom took us all out for Marble Slab before hand. It was a good concert.  Mom and I sat at the back and chatted and laughed at all the hysterical girls.  We were wondering why they even had seats.  No one sat in them most of the night.  And lots of screaming.  Obviously you go to a concert to see the performers not hear the songs.  Silly me:)

Beyond 5 is a good group.  You can tell they really enjoy doing what they do.  Four of them are members and two just got mission calls.  They do not do church music, just good clean music.  Also they said they were not in it to make money and fame, just to get good music out there.  After the concert they meet every person and signed anything you bought.

Cora and Leah had each gotten a baseball shirt and had that signed.  The rules were: Only one thing.  Keep the line moving and No pictures.  One of the singers, Tanner, has jammed a lot with Brock.  We finally convinced mom to go up.  One boy was going to Scotland on his mission and mom has a seminary student that she thinks the world of that is there.  She talked to him a second then we moved on to Tanner.  When he found out we were related to Brock he was so excited.  Kept saying, 'I love that guy.'  He broke the rules and insisted on getting  picture with the cousins so we could show it to him.

The stage managers were not happy with us.  We didn't break the rules, he did.  But I was glad to get a picture anyways.  (Actually I didn't.  I can't find the flash on my phone camera and they had turned the lights off so we would leave.  Thanks Abby for the picture.)  A great way to spend Halloween.  We stayed over to get some equipment early the next morning that Dave needed for the house.  Dave and Blake had a sleepover and got up at 5 to keep working. They had a great breakfast and spent most of the morning together until we got there. 
Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I have fixed my tiny screen problem.:)


  1. What a pain to be without power all day. Love the picture of the barn. Glad the girls had fun at the concert - looked like a great time!

  2. We had a blast with Blake, he's a great kid!!!! The concert looked like a lot of fun I'm glad you guys were able to go and have a great girls night!!!

  3. 12 hours without electricity. that stinks. Ours was out for only 2 hours. I remember the girls talking about Beyond 5. Glad your girls got to go again.

  4. Holly molly that is a lot of snow! Is that normal for you guys this time of year? Like I said in my last comment I cant wait to see the next fun adventure you and your family will have. That's cool about Brock and Tanner. Small world

  5. I was going to say the same as Lainie. Loved the picture of the old barn on the farm. Have many happy memories playing in the loft, swinging from the rope swing and landing in the hay. Brought back many happy memories of my life on the farm. Love, Aunt Sheila