Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photo Contest

We didn't win.:(  Last spring Leah entered a photo contest.  The prize was $50 certificate for Maplelea stuff.  The magazine finally arrived in the mail today, after much anticipation.  Sadly she did not win.  We were kinda rushed and I wasn't quite sure what to say about each picture.  I think they are all great ideas of shots.  Leah knew exactly what she wanted to do.  She had a lot of ideas, but you are only allowed to enter 5.  She may be to old to try again next year.  I think she wants to try anyways to use the rest of her ideas.  There is still a spring magazine, so I guess she could still have a chance, but I am assuming they would contact all the winners at one time.  Oh well.  She had fun. Here are her entries.

I think the this last on is my favorite.  Since we were not exactly sure what they were looking for, we tried to get action, historic, great scenery, and holidays.

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  1. These pictures are great! Sorry she didn't win. I love the basketball picture. I sure hope Cadence loves dolls!