Thursday, November 20, 2014

Girls Day. (Sorta)

 A few years ago, Myrna taught us all how to make fondant.  This way we could all make some in our homes and bring it the day we make chocolates.  Less work for her, she was making ALL of them, a huge job, and we could carry on the tradition. This year as the day got closer I started thinking, most of our kids are in school and we aren't too terribly far away from each other.  So I asked my Sisters-In-Law if they thought they could possibly swing coming for a day.  I knew it would be at different times and not a long day, as some would have to be home to pick up kids from school.  To my delighted surprise they were all able to make it.
I set out fruit and a hot apple/orange drink for the morning.  We got quite a few batches made.  Myrna started before the kids were even gone.  Then everyone else trickled in when they could.

I did finish setting the table :) I just didn't want to forget to get a picture.

For dinner I made Tish's potatoes, salmon, Spinach/Mandarin/Poppy seed salad from Best bites and Mel's White chocolate mouse vanilla bean cheesecake.  To drink we had Kita's Juicy Sprite.  It was all very tasty if I do say so myself.

After dinner we continued making fondant.  Lalainia need to leave first.  I forgot until the very end to get a picture of the two new little cousins together.  It will be so fun to see these two grow together and see their different personalities develop.

We got almost everything done.  It was a fun day.  I am so glad they all made the effort to drive and spend the day together.  It was kinda like having a girls day.


  1. I think we should make it a new tradition. Your lunch was so delicious Char - thank you!!

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  3. It is neat that you have such a relationship with your sister-in-laws as you do. The lunch looked awesome and cute table setting.

  4. It was a very enjoyable day. Fun working together and the lunch was wonderful.